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Thread: just little aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.......

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    Default just little aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.......

    dev please, for next update can u just make detector for ppl who playing with vpn,
    there is many app or game which is cannot open when vpn or any supicious app is running
    THIS DAY i got BANNED for not doing anything, not just one but TWICE in a day
    it's very awesome

    oh yeah, for first ban (620day ++) i just complain n send report to cs and it has been liftted
    but now, when i just clearing my world , i got DC n got banned again

    it's great job
    very great job

    ps: i never share my network, my device, even my hotspot
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    If it's not yourname who is got banned, I suggest rebooting your device or your router. Waiting for a while also could be the solution sometimes, anyways. We don't allow ban discussions at forums so I'm closing this threads, ban disputes should be taken up to support desk.

    Closing thread.
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