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Thread: Another Console Port?

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    Lightbulb Another Console Port?

    Hello Growtopians, I have a bit of an idea if it's really possible. I would like to see Growtopia ported to the 3DS as a NEW 3DS exclusive. I say "NEW" because the new 3ds models have better performance + more buttons making it way easier to port something like this as it has basically all the required buttons. In terms of touch screen usage, it would probably have to contain all the buttons (chat, menu, ect) + inventory. Also, ignore my sloppy typing; I haven't typed on a forums in like a billion years.

    The reason I ask for this is because I simply don't wanna buy a PS4/XBOX1/Switch. I've owned a Switch before but actually returned in fear that it would break, I think it would be sick though if this was possible. (Updates could be handled through the Eshop as it usually warns the user before opening an application that there's a new one.)

    I'm just sorta spitballing ideas, in terms of other general controls, it could copy all the other consoles because the new 3DS has two pairs of shoulder buttons, a "c-stick" (basically a second analog stick) and the usual buttons (X,Y,A,B, etc).

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    I don't know if you know this news already, but the Nintendo 3DS is no longer being produced, thus ending the handheld's support. And I believe no more games being made in that handheld right now, since companies are now focusing on the Nintendo Switch. But if they did this, having 2 screens to play this game is somewhat revolutionary. Having the inventory on the touch screen while playing normally like what you did with the console ports. And I think typing isn't a burden.
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    fix the common bug/glitch first then they can release to whatever console they want

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    I think this is a brilliant idea, for the people who doesn't have one of the current three available consoles. People with older generations could experience Growtopia on their unique device as well, but then there's button configurations and whether they'll fit perfectly or not so that's a point to consider, but either ways you have my support. +1
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