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Thread: My latest project.

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    Lightbulb My latest project.


    I've been working on my main world for a couple weeks now but couldn't settle on a design and had to remove everything a couple of times, but now I think I've settled on a final design for my main world - WINWOODS (sadly WINWOOD is taken by someone). Here it is:

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    Now before I get into the reason as to why I'm posting this thread, let me give credits to the rightful people,
    1) EqqQ - this world is heavily inspired by his world EQQQGT
    2) Steven - for helping me get the supplies needed for the build
    3) DvourS - for improving the design with little touches here and there
    4) All my lovely admins! - for being there and giving ideas and being helpful!

    Now let's get to the point!

    As you can see, at the bottom right of the world, there's a fashion show room! I'm going to be hosting fashion show games very often and prizes for each room will be 2-3wls per turn. So gather all your clothes and get suited up!

    - I'll be hosting fashion shows every 2 days starting from 7.30am Growtopia time (GMT+8 at 7.30pm).
    - Fashion show themes will be unique, not just based solely on certain events/colors
    - Everybody gets equal chance! Don't be mad if you don't get to join in on the first round, you'll be in the next!
    - Let's have fun! - Don't be rude to anyone, or do something against the rules of Growtopia, and please be nice! Treat everyone equally.

    So that's about all I have to say, may you have a good day/night ahead (if you're reading this) and see you guys there soon! Look out for my SBs that I'll be throwing out once in awhile to be informed on when the rounds are starting

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    WOO... Fashion show sounds fun!
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    Sounds fun, I wonder what the themes will be...
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