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    Default Ip Bans

    Hey, so a few hours ago a friend of mine played Growtopia in his school, using his personal wifi. Later in the afternoon, he went back home and opened up Growtopia, logged in and notice that he got banned for 60 days. I'm not entirely sure what happened between those periods but i don't think he got auto banned by some glitches but likely i think it is, simply by being in the same ip address. I don't know why but if you're using a public wifi, plus the same ip address, and some offenders decides to "ban" themselves, literally the entire community who has the same ip address blah blah blah, will get affected too. I don't think this is a good way to avoid those pesky hackers from hacking the server, in fact i don't really think it should be in the system, it really just reflects how lazy Ubisoft are; although they have made the game more interesting and making it a MMO game.

    I'm suspecting from all these is because of some schoolmate breaking the rules and thus having my friend affected by it.

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    Contact support, give evidence to lift the ban

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    He should contact Growtopia Support, because he got banned without a reason & they could help him to solve the problem.

    I'd recommend him to restart his router, because that always helps you when you got banned because of someone else.
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    Default Minimod letter to santa type reply

    Hello, GrowSans!

    If you believe that your friend got unfairly banned, go tell him to Contact Growtopia Support, and they will investigate it, the key is just to be patient.

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    Sometimes support is rude they will just say the reason why u got ban even they dont have proof of it they will say they have but they really dont have they will just say cant help you. It happens to my friend someone give him just 1dl and then kaboom he get permanent ban and support just keep saying he do iap fraud. He explain it briefly but lesson learn dont accept even free dl xD



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