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Thread: This game is about building worlds so... CHECK THIS.. post a comment ..

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    Default This game is about building worlds so... CHECK THIS.. post a comment ..

    i suggest u somthing that would promote world makers ...

    how cool would it be to see someones honored worlds when u wrench them ??

    how cool would it be to wrench someone and see 5 wotds ... and u can click any to visit it ... (and u can say OMG DUDE)

    how cool would it be to be recognised by worlds u made ... so others can see your cool designs ... ?

    how cool would it be to actualy build a wotd wich people will visit later ... just by wrenching you .. ??

    If this gets implemented will u be tempted to make cool worlds again like it used to be before ??

    would u like to see this ingame ?

    comment guys ..
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    how cool would it be... to write forum posts normally..??

    but anyways, this is completely unnecessary and will not add/contribute anything to the game that is actually useful.
    When you're so trash at the game and a moderator calls you out for it.

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    It's an ok suggestion. The trophie itself is enough of a prize, though.

    People already are motivated enough.
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    +1 but I think it should be WOTD worlds only.
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