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Thread: Portable Surgical Tool Bag | The New Way To Store Your Surgery Tools!

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    Default Portable Surgical Tool Bag | The New Way To Store Your Surgery Tools!

    Since the release of the Surgical Tool Bag, which is hella rare and kinda hard to find sellers to be honest. Is like, pretty cool to be fair. But this item I'm suggesting here, is nothing to do with the item mentioned above. This Tool Bag will store your Surgery Tools, on the go!

    Bringing surgery tools just in case someone has a vicious malady, or its Surgery Day! And people will always have malady every time, or you just love doing surgery, everywhere you go, ya bring your surgery tools everywhere you go to get those sweet rewards, like a Magnifying Glass, or heck, even you have the passion to get a Thingamabob! But, alas, the inventory space dissapoint you. You probably got a rare item, but it dropped bcoz of the full inventory. You feel sad. But, with the Portable Surgical Tool Bag, you can store your tools inside the bag, and bring it everywhere you go! Its also doubles as a block to put into your world and it can only place Surgery Tools. When you break the block, the tools inside will stay there, and when its time to do some massive surgery by Super-Broadcasting people to come into your SurgWorld-Blasted world... ish, use the Portable Surgical Tool Bag, no need to take out the Tools inside, just perform the surgery and the tools will appear there, as usual.

    Y'all probably askin' me, is it worth it or its just plain pointless? Lemme tell ya bud this, is kinda of a next level stuff. If the tools are already reached is maximum capacity of 200, NO WORRIES! The Portable Surgical Tool Bag can store up to 1000 of EACH Tools! That's handy-dandy if I do say so myself! What a steal!

    "Oh BOY, I'm heckin interested, but how should I make this thing?" ITS EASY! All you nneed is 3 Storage Box Extremes (depends on what level), 2 Surgical Tool Bags and 50 Treasure Chests! Wow, (that's heckin expensive tbh).

    That's my long essay over there on how the Portable Surgical Tool Bag works. Uhh, a little disclaimer here. The recipe above is just a example way on how to create the bag, its kinda expensive, but I think there's probably another way to get this. Thanks for reading this suggestion, have a good day, afternoon, evening or night, wherever you are
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    The block-to-clothing item may not be possible or kinds hard to add.

    Also(I am not against having "more space" in your inventory(cause this technically adds more space) but Ubisoft ain't adding more inventory space for a reason. Nekorei said there was an issue or something about it on their first QnA. The bag you mention will probably cause some issues too some how)

    Being able to carry 1000 of each tool is kinda ciol though, but it shouldn't be exclusive to only surgery items( I'm saying some items like dirt seeds could be worth 800/wl but so far the max stack is 200, adding this feature only for surgery would suck).
    Also, making the new max stack 1000 would probably be a tad bit of a pain.
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    Increasing the inventory stack sizes was on the PAW suggestion list, and who knows, they may be added!
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    Hopefully we can thread this into the game
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