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Thread: Improvisation Contest

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    Default Improvisation Contest

    Improv Contest
    Concours De Musique


    How it works:
    You'll need to improvise a piece from any era and send the score to Chopin#6035 on Discord. The piece improvised must be at least 1 minute long and is "Musical". Extra points will be given if you can perform the piece. (A recording)

    1st (Improvisation) : 50 WLS
    2nd (Improvisation) : 25 WLS
    3rd (Improvisation) : 10 WLS

    Copying is not allowed and will result in you being disqualified.
    You must finish within 2 weeks from the posting of this thread ( Didn't know how to word it, forgive me )
    Vocals are not allowed.
    Instruments used must be acoustic (Electronic music is not allowed)
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    I have read through Ubisoft's ToS and EULA, feel free to ask any questions!

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    Perhaps it would be more accessible if it was turned into a keytar improv contest?

    Or even, would playing one of them in-game count as an improv solo? If not, it’s fine, but I feel as if it may increase the number of possible participants.
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