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Thread: Should I upgrade my Tesseract

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    Default Should I upgrade my Tesseract

    It’s your boi, back at it again with another question

    So i’ve got about 2 dls, a rayman, and 3 magplants. Should I upgrade my ancestral tesseract to lvl 3+? I can afford it, I just don’t know if it’ll be worth it, considering once I do it, I can’t trade it ever again. I’m doing this so I can maybe start to farm asteroids or other rare blocks. To do this, i’d need to sell my magplants.

    Any advice would help, especially if you own an upgraded tesseract
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    no, asteroids are dropping. tess really isnt worth it, i went up to level 4 on two accounts and regret it. plus your networth isnt crazy high, you can use what you have to do many other things like bfg which dont require YOU to presonally break things yourself.
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