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Thread: Summer Clash Fishing Event Is Here, But I Have A Question

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    Default Summer Clash Fishing Event Is Here, But I Have A Question

    Is it like possible for the Reliable Anomarod guarentees to only catch fishes of any size and not junks.

    I know that the Reliable catches both junks and fishes as well. But, if the devs decided to make a small tweak so the Reliable to only catches fishes only, is it considered "game-breaking" or It's just making this clash wee bit more cheaper and efficient.

    But on the other hand, what if the Reliable guarrentees to catch ONLY fishes, but the point is slightly reduced. For example from 12000 Points to like.. 5000-ish

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    Thats kinda broken to be honest as it is allowed for use after event and make hella profit with fish chunks

    also autofishing is a thing apparently
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