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    Unhappy Community Goodbye

    Im axzyte and im here to say a goodbye...
    you might be asking why?

    Well...I'm too DEPRESSED okay? *sigh* I know

    People: Why are you depressed?

    When was the last time you saw your best friend in real life and in game?
    Have you remembered when you would act like you were on an adventure?
    Is it CRYSTAL CLEAR? NO?!okay

    My best friend was my only friend we met at 2 years old(said my mom)I always went to their house EVERY DAY LIKE SERIOUSLY EVERY SINGLE DAY(Me and my mom) On weekdays after school I change clothes and go their straight to their house 9:00pm night weekends 8:00am to 10:30pm.

    But when im 5 year-old we moved out THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING I became a bad boy,non sociable kid but at 7 years-old.

    A coincidence happened HE BECAME MY 2nd GRADE CLASSMATE
    Im in the PHILIPPINES when I go there its always a good weather

    Dark Blue Sky,No Sun,Cool wind but now 24/7 rainy 7 months straight


    Hohoho...Feb 16,2018(Magplant was the IOTM) I met my first friend Markjohann(He was my BestFriend ONCE).

    We always said no matter what lets farm I wake up 5:00 everyday to farm Garbage(Garbage seeds are 100/wl)

    Then I met Alucard3000 I once warped to him then boom FirexdSpirit(aka IwasEXPOSED) ya bestfriends.

    Then I met Zuccmyass(I was finding him I posted a thread now I found him)I met VannilaKiel

    Markjohann back-stabbed me (betrayed he scammed me 60wls) but everyone left me

    VannilaKiel,IwasEXPOSED except Zuccmyass

    Reason for quit: Remembering the 60wls

    Thank You For Reading This Now im quitting goodbye
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