You already know what this thread is about, who else is sick of the Fishing Event? It's the longest, largest grind-requiring, event out of all the Guild Events. Even the supposed rebalancing hasn't changed it.

This event is a very long grind, that nobody likes, we can't just fish with Elegant Anomarods + Elegant Potions + Candy Cane Bait (OR COTD), that stuff is expensive! Literally nobody (save a few) likes the fishing event. Also, now that we ONLY have 4 events/clash, it makes sense to make them 4 events that are widely enjoyed. You know, Cooking, Surgery and Startopia that are at the END of the default clash event schedule. Statistically speaking we will see less of everyone's most-loved events and more of the mundane rudimentary events such as breaking blocks, and more of the painful unnecessary grindy events such as fishing.

I'm going to keep this thread abrupt because I've made my main points and I think a lot of people can agree with me without an indepth explanation. But if provoked I'll delve much deeper in my replies to posts in this thread.