Hello, my account was just banned because of a glitch.
The glitch is: I was on the world TRADE and this person came and told me to come to his world and he said free dls.
I got to the world the name is KLK345 I think and he told me to stand in this place that is 3 blocks tall under it is lava and then there are 2 waterfalls that are covered with water and above is a portal that pulls you in he told me to stand inside and do the command /dab so I did after that he told me to jump in another hole that was 2 blocks tall also with lava under and 2 waterfalls above that are covered with water when I jumped in I was banned. My account name is BadSolid854 pls help I just got the ban like 2 minutes ago and I'm scared. if it might help yesterday I was sent to hell/cursed because I was in a trust test world. PLEASE