I'll keep this short and simple.
Too many people are complaining about certain guild events (for an understandable reason). To counter that, I would suggest combining events. That way, one season will have all 8 guild events running.

For example:
You can combine Builders and Bashers (building + breaking is practically the same thing anyway).
You can combine Splicers and Harvesters (you do things with trees anyway)
You can combine Startopia and Surgery (they're practically the same activity anyway)
You can combine Fishing and Cooking (they're the only two left out of my list)

Or maybe, if you don't want to alienate the people "too poor" to afford things like Startopia or Surgery, you can change up combinations. Either way, you use a tool (both tools of each event could be sold in the shop at a time) to contribute to the same loot pool.

Oh yeah, and this is also to make it so if you don't want to fish for 10 effing hours straight (and not want to speed it up by paying 3 dls per rod), you can do something else to gain points.