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Ubisoft, I know there's a Holiday that you guys have recently celebrated but, we haven't gotten any updates on PAW (Just some "teasers" from Nekorei saying ''It'll release sooner than expected"). We've all been expecting PAW during Monday (August 12) and Friday (August 16) but, it didn't show up whatsoever... There are people making threads on the forums asking: "Where's PAW" and, it'll be a matter of time a Developer or Admin will call them out for being impatient knowing they're the ones who've been telling us: It'll release sooner than you think. Saying that there'll be an update releasing shortly and not giving further information will not make the community hyped, It'll only lead to expectations and disappointment. Ubisoft, be more involved with the community, if you guys are unable to find a solution to something then ask for the community's opinion and involve us more, I'd prefer to be informed that an item's still being tested for bugs or there wasn't time to make an item yet. There's also been a release on Summer Clash which in my opinion, should've been released earlier to avoid the "Summer clash and PAW weren't released together to avoid one drawing all the attention from another" excuse... I don't enjoy the guild events anymore, There wasn't that much of a fix, only promises that haven't occurred- The "Claim all rewards" button is an example- There's a high chance that PAW will officially release on Monday (August 19) but I guess we're a bit disappointed on how everything was organized and the lack of communication between the developers and community. I'm just hoping PAW brings back some of the hype that's been lost and "drowned" with the guild events.
We normally do not post any updates or teasers regarding PAW before it happens even last year and the years before that. We would only announce it starting Day 1. We did however mention in The Gazette that PAW and several threads plus our monthly update here in the forum is happening this month. You just have to be patient. When we mentioned it is happening soon it means it is happening within the month and in any of the upcoming weeks or days.

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