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Thread: New Item : Repair Tools (Component Item) [Suggestion)

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    Lightbulb New Item : Repair Tools (Component Item) [Suggestion)

    • Name : Repair Tools
    • Type : Component Item
    • Rarity : 80-100
    • Description :
    This is not magic. This is Science! This tools can repair your broken items in one snap!

    This item is never drop seeds.
    This item has no use... by itself.
    • How to Get :
    Maybe from chemical combining or splicing seed

    I hope this suggestion is good
    The function of this item is for repair some item. Just combine the items that want to be repaired + Repair Tools + Thingamajig (recipe can be change to anything if ubisoft want)
    Example :

    • Repair Used Building Block Machine
    Recipe :
    5 Used Building Block Machine + 1 Repair Tools + 2 Thingamajig = 1 Building Block Machine
    • Repair Reliable Items
    Recipe :
    5 Reliable items (Hammer, Anomarod, Scythe, etc) + 1 Repair Tools + 2 Thingamajig = 1 Pristine Item.
    • Repair Used Calendar 2017-2018? Hmm i don't know if repair the Used Calendar is good idea or not lmao...

    You know if reliable item is permanent (can't break), and all pristine will turned into reliable. If we not do anything to reliable item, the number of reliable items will continue to grow and become worthless (no one will buy it because everyone will have tons of reliable).

    Used Building Block Machine is same like reliable. This item not produce anything. This machine is dead. But with Repair Tools, Used Building Block Machine will be alive again
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    I have no idea what I'm doing.

    hi do u like maths

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