Okey as my last thread about the ppm (packets per minute) i see that you made the plow send ALOT of ppm. The problem here is maybe that when a player takes more than lets say 100ppm he dcs (it takes time to dc).

The solution is (from most possible to impossible) :
-Make the plow sending less ppm
-i dont know the coding of the chicken plow but maybe decreasing its speed would help
-make the plow follow these onstructions : when player starts here and next frame hes there plant all seeds between them in a line.
-if the sound is reliable to the actions in the 0.09 near then the plow sends too much ppm beacuse of the server lags.
-Fix the servers
-nerf some other items to fix the servers
-get better servers

When you test the items please consider the lag ingame and not on a private server for testing. The lag is so important that it makes various uknown glitches that YOU devs are not considering. (consider magplant remote as one too)

As a fan of science, variables could be much more influencing than you think. Logic is the #1 to find problems, i could help you solve glitches with logic for free just to help this crying community about all the glitches that has now been "impossible" to solve.

This is not an application (sort of) but the main idea is to fix plow glitch and many more.