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    Default Recruiting contributers

    Yoooooooooooooooo guys!

    This will serve as the recruitment thread for my guild, Dynamite. We are a fast-growing guild, currently level 7. We place consistently in the top 100 with less than half of our maximum players. In the first event, block bashers, we placed 77th place with 16 people. We also always reach the maximum reward of #20. Quite a considerable feat if you ask me.

    Now, what will YOU get from MY guild?
    ~An amazing guild where everyone is family
    ~A veteran guild clasher with the legendary item from the FIRST guild clash ever. (That's me :P)
    ~Free, guild only laser grid bfgs for easy XP and gems
    ~A friendly, 100% scam free environment
    ~We will always reach the #20 reward

    Enough of that. Let's get into what you all came here for. You may be asking, how do I join this amazing guild? It's really quite simple.

    ~Be at least level 35
    ~Personal minimum reward of #15
    ~A one time deposit of 10wls to prevent freeloaders (will be returned should you decide to leave)

    And yea, that's about it. If you're interested, please message me in-game @Yell0wTail or my co-leader @SInxay. Other ways of reaching are through discord, Yell0wTail#2910 or Instagram @yell0wtail

    Have a great day guys!


    There are now 10 open spots for you guys to join. (30/40)
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    Level 102/125

    If you want to get in touch:

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