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Thread: Free BFG Link until 30th August 2019

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    Default Free BFG Link until 30th August 2019

    I have a world BFGSITE in which I SB daily. I open my BFG daily and am considering opening link for fee. However, I'd like to see how it fares first and get feedback from your worlds. So I have decided to provide free BFG links until the 30th August 2019. Your world has to be:
    • A BFG world
    • A world that opens BFG daily or at least once every two days
    • A world that has a link back to my world

    You as the owner of the BFG has to:
    • Provide me the statistics of visitor numbers of your world with my link (without you having to broadcast)
    • Have a Discord
    • Update the open/closed signs

    The links are in the form of Screen Doors and are located on the white rectangular area. The Fish Tank area is for my BFG. Just hmu here or in-game, IGN is Fundaments. You can check the world out yourself.
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    id love to get a link, but i cant really bfg if they dont fix the plow glitch.. also i have a public bfg so im not sure how i could give you numbers.
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    How did you change your forums name op?



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