Well, the new level limit is good in general.


Have we ever considered new players?
Those who might be someone who got invited by friends to play
or someone who shown interest in Sandbox pixel games.
...Gets exclude from the mainstream GT community and trapped in the naval blue world menu...(While only able to access beautiful worlds)

This feature is not new player friendly as it prevents them from accessing full features of the game.
So who enjoys hours continuous clicking and swiping when just started playing a supposed creative game ?*while not expecting a "Clicker-Hero-Alike" game*
Even though the feature on the other hand prevents "Fake" new players that are annoying or spammers, but is it worthy at the end for the whole game?
Just like a quote relates to mass shooting in real life; "Guns don't kill people, people do."

Furthermore, we might expect more autofarmers. Since now spammers or some players' alternate accounts cannot enter worlds due to level limitation, they might try to level up quickly by using autoclick scripts. Personally, i know this issue is minor, but just a reminder about the potential increase. Maybe Ubisoft and BFG owners should be cautious about it.

*The above arguments are not and unable to be supported by statistics and can be consider bias.*

But anyway, this feature is still nice!

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;/ i know i shouldn't, but i decide to bump