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Thread: World Timer potentially causing gem scamming in a massive scale

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    Default World Timer potentially causing gem scamming in a massive scale

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the world timer makes the player leave the world after a certain set amount of time. Right?

    Now that we all know that, we should consider the fact that this can allow bfg owners (those who scam) to scam gems easier. Normally bfg owners (whenever I mention bfg owners beyond this point refers to those who scam) use /kick or /ban to scam a single person's gems or even /kickall to scam people unwary of the /kickall message. This method to scam is not 100/100 success though as players can react to it.

    Now with the new lock feature, bfg owners can set a world timer to the world and remove players from the world in a large scale and in an instant (unless it's not instant, then whoops).

    Again, I've haven't logged onto GT, this is my opinion before looking. I think this lock feature is unneeded or needs to be tweaked, like giving a message when entering a world or a message when the timer is almost up. Other than that, some trading worlds like BUYGHC or SEEDS are usually full and players spam 'enter world' their way in and intend to stay for long periods of time to buy or sell a certain item, and when forced to leave may cause some frustration. As well as what about 2 players are in the midst of trading and are forced to leave, it may be a waste of time and a pain to contact the other player. On the other hand, the World Level feature is phenomenal and can potentially lead to a major anti-spammer movement in Growtopia. I just don't think the World Timer is as beneficial and is easily abusable and can lead to new scamming methods as per the one I mentioned above.

    As always, any thoughts?
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    What Ubisoft could do is to set a timer for the players to stay there for a limited amount of time. Just like how Wolfworld and ClashParkour are being set.

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    I don't think so


    You are given a message about 1 minute before being kicked out of the world as a warning.
    Also, some spammers are actually high levelled, and this timer kicks them out pretty effectively.
    Imo the timer is fine as it is.
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