I will be having a feedback until day 7 of the PAW. If I may.

So here's my Positive Feedback:

I am so glad when they add the /home command. It is now very easy to warp to your main world (it's so fun). For the Rayman fist I thought they nerfed it but when I saw the description on the world "news" they just change if you want the Globlox to be there or not. And ofcourse, the new "Black shoes" that's what I've been waiting for since I am wearing a Black set, because Espadrille doesn't have a speedy effect. For the World Lock changes, I was surprised and happy that they added on how many level that can a player enter your world. It is so effective to avoid spammers which are level 1-3(I guess).

For Day 1, it is a worth waiting for PAW. Great changes Mods and Devs.