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Thread: PAW Changelog (adjustments, balances, additions, etc.)

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    Default PAW Changelog (adjustments, balances, additions, etc.)

    As a community, we can gather all the information on the changes brought about by this year's PAW. Ubisoft has listened to our calls and answered with much-needed changes, small or big. Hurrah!

    I would like to keep this thread updated as the days go on (presuming that they will be adding more changes over the days or that we simply discover more over time from these days), so I will greatly appreciate additions found by the community. Most of these have been taken from TK69's Discord server.

    • World Level (depict the level requirements to be able to enter the world)
    • World Timer - set a time limit for how long players can stay in your world
    • /sethome to set the current world as your /home (/gethome tells you your home's world name)
    • Turn off Globox by unequipping then reequipping Rayman's Fist.
    • Tomb Robber is now permanent and returns to the inventory when broken.
    • Changing usernames now have a 60-day cooldown (from 30).
    • Geiger blocks (not crystals) drop in 3s (from 1).
    • Bacon is grindable from 30 Magic Bacon Wallpaper (from 50).
    • Kaleidoscope Wallpaper drop increased to 10 (from 5).
    • Steam Lamp drop count changed to 3 (from 1).
    • Cybot lab recipes' world lock amount halved (level 4 requires 4 wls from 8)
    • Marshmallow yield increased to 7 (from 1).

    Quote Originally Posted by JamSandwich View Post
    Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying PAW 2019. To help clarify the balancing changes here's what we did:

    1. Geiger - Stuff is dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1 block.
    2. Marshmallow Block - dropped in quantities of 7 instead of 1 block.
    3. Steam Lamp - dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1.
    4. Kaleidoscopic Wallpaper - dropped in quantities of 10 instead of 5.
    5. Chainlink Fence and Z.D.F. Fence - dropped in quantities of 5 instead of 1.
    6. Objective Marker - dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1.
    7. BBQ Bacon Burger - gives 100 gems instead of 50 gems per villain defeated.
    8. Magic Bacon Wallpaper - reduced to 30 from 50 to make Bacon.
    9. Ancestral Seed of Life - buff increased for all levels.
    10. Daily Blocks - have been nerfed to drop less, so they are not as common.
    11. CyBots - reduced the World Locks required per CyBot Laboratory recipe.
    12. Tomb Robber - is now permanent and auto-pickup.
    13. Daily Quests - rebalanced to prevent a bunch of items from being requested; Crayons, Number Blocks, Superhero clothes, Surgery Tool seeds, Fossil Brush seed, Star Tool seed, Amethyst Block/seed.

    Happy PAW 2019

    Jam Sandwich
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    Thanks Techy, very cool
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