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Thread: Where are the Balances?

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    Default Where are the Balances?

    Where are the list of balances made on PAW 2? I saw a list on Instagram but I could not find the exact post. Could someone direct me to it?

    (P.S. to Ubisoft I think you should post them on announcements, this is so confusing, figuring out all the balances, nerfs, and buffs).


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    Fresh from the Forums:

    1. Geiger - Stuff is dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1 block.
    2. Marshmallow Block - dropped in quantities of 7 instead of 1 block.
    3. Steam Lamp - dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1.
    4. Kaleidoscopic Wallpaper - dropped in quantities of 10 instead of 5.
    5. Chainlink Fence and Z.D.F. Fence - dropped in quantities of 5 instead of 1.
    6. Objective Marker - dropped in quantities of 3 instead of 1.
    7. BBQ Bacon Burger - gives 100 gems instead of 50 gems per villain defeated.
    8. Magic Bacon Wallpaper - reduced to 30 from 50 to make Bacon.
    9. Ancestral Seed of Life - buff increased for all levels.
    10. Daily Blocks - have been nerfed to drop less, so they are not as common.
    11. CyBots - reduced the World Locks required per CyBot Laboratory recipe.
    12. Tomb Robber - is now permanent and auto-pickup.
    13. Daily Quests - rebalanced to prevent a bunch of items from being requested;
    14. Crayons, Number Blocks, Superhero clothes, Surgery Tool seeds, Fossil Brush seed, Star Tool seed, Amethyst Block/seed.

    Credits: JamHammers



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