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It's DAY 3 of Player Appreciation Week and to show our dedication in making our community a friendlier place, we decided to start a new initiative called Guardians. These selected few will be our new game patrol, monitoring the game as well as the forums for any misdemeanor and player misbehaving. It's a tier lower than Moderators so their commands are limited, but they will still have some moderating power in the game as well.

These new Guardians will be equipped with commands allowing them to warn players and issue light punishments. They will also be able to flag players who are breaking the rules, so we, the Ubistaff as well as the Moderators, will be able to investigate further.

Please take note, that we will start with just a bunch of Guardians, but we will be recruiting more in the future to support our moderation efforts.

Without further ado, here is the first batch of Guardians:

- Nostos
- Necturne
- ByteCode
- Gatello
- Fournos
- Kailyx
the moment they are veterans and I haven't heard of a single one of them...