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Thread: Removing wheels is the worst thing heres why...

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    i dnt care when u started


    Quote Originally Posted by -LI0NE- View Post
    So like 5months ago i did a thread about NOT removing the wheels cuz it will promote gambling sites. Or worste, live gambling sites on private servers. It will be public but none will know who is behind it.

    Removing wheels will be like removing wls. The industry of casinos will now do site trading (10bgls for a gambling site) and will be more profitable due to the way they can rig it.

    Maybe you wanna keep your game 8+ but having sites promotion on hacked accounts will NOT help it. Also, moderators will NOT have powers on it and copy pasting a casino site for modifying some aspects to sell it will ruin the whole casino/price market such as big hosters that have 450bgls (by looking their insta) will ruin the whole market of expensive items such as buying 30davincis to broke the old wr of 5.

    If you think im a hoster your dumb. This is just logistics and like spammers, they are 1 hacked accoints or free accounts on illegal sites.

    Some were spotted level 70.

    If you also think they will bring all these website to legal court then your wrong. Its going to be hard to go to corea and bring someone or bring someone from indonesia such as some people that can barely afford the internet.

    Thanks for sharing feedback/nor knowing any developers took part of this situation.

    UPDATE : if 1 person gets rich it means an unbalance on prices cuz more than 3bgls are bet every minute.
    I mean that 1 world contains around 10admins, if its a website, 1 person gets all tax and who knows what he will do?
    what the hell are you saying

    Hi, I do not care when you started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangramboy View Post
    Closing thread now
    Nu powers hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jigjig420 View Post
    what the hell are you saying
    They should not remove it due to them doing online gambling wich will affect the whole casino/exoensive items market.



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