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Thread: What the good memories of you on growtopia?

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    Talking What the good memories of you on growtopia?

    mine is about getting a crystall seed on a parkour and it was very near me,i was too excited to collect it til it lags and someone collected,but he gave me 1wl because he needed,this is the first time i got wl (so happy even crystal seed worth 7wls at the time)

    also i get my second wl when i always play carnival, i have many trash, idk its exists! (cuz school,i play gt like 5 hours every month),good time playing games especially the 2 player game (idk name,i i haven't play carnival in 10 months,no trash for now lol) until i got lion prize on 1 of the games,idk what main point of this game so people are buying it for things, til someone offers me 1wl (whatagenius),i selled and got 2 wls,very happy as hell

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    i used to have 5 cool roleplay friends back in 2013, who never ever even try to beg or ask for items, all we do all day is log on, go to a world, do roshambo and see who becomes the owner. the owner locks the world and pick a roleplay category. All of us would then dig holes and make underground secret houses and lairs. and we assign roles to each other, we makes stories and character profiles with bulletin boards. we have a gun house/ flower shop/ circus/ etc. + we link each others roleplay worlds with a portal to the very left/ right side of the world. and there would be signs everywhere, explaining like "the sink is full of dirt and sand". Do wotd and see who beat it 1st and other fun stuff.

    man it was the BEST game experience, we dress up and clown around all day.

    Heres the very last roleplay we ever did, before our group got separated, my name used to be CheezyMe gahahaha, super cheezy.

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    When I first came to the forum in 2017,I asked Kaurkal to meet me and it came true. I really don't know why it's still stuck to my memory's until now.

    And getting my first DL at level 45 ( December 10th 2018 )

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    back in 2015 when i was still a noob, a guy asked me to help to break his brick blocks and pinball, he said "ill give you a prize once we finish breaking" and then we started breaking together. back then idk anything about gt or the people surrounds but i had alot of fun breaking, he gave me a pickaxe and told me that this will help me break faster than usual. then after finishing breaking the bricks we started breaking pinball and i said to myself "oh so this is how you get gems." We finished breaking all of the stuff and he gave me a tank and a wizard staff. i was so happy and felt so cool with the wizard staff and i sold the tank for a world lock.

    welp, i forgot who that guy was, but ill always remember him..

    me reaching level 50 and getting my mini you + party fowl
    sadly it was recycled during October 2018 becuz i was hacked.. I also lost my star captain's hat which is my first role item

    also me getting 2 white crystal a day and my first DL on Valentine 2019 after 4 years
    bought my dream item which is the Ancestral Seed of life and about to upgrade it very soon
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    Buying ndevs/ meeting so many wonderful(and fake) people
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    My friends and I (before they became inactive) used to play hide n seek with Antler Hats and shotguns. We made ridiculous worlds and ran around in them. It was super fun! I miss doing that now. D:
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    My first 2 world locks EVER. I got them back in 2013. I just randomly entered a world and picked them up. I gasped and then placed one and thought I was dreaming. I went on to tell my sister and she got a little jealous. Good Times :')

    Also getting my dream item (Dragon Hand) back in 2015 or 2016
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    First DL, happened in Summer Event 2017. I got super firework from summer surprise (forgot its name) on first try! Yes, only 15,000 gems wasted. Unfortunately, irl friend of mine stole it in the next day lmao
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    getting the password right in ITEMS and getting the fire wand lmao. pretty sure this was in 2013 or 14
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