Ever wonder how to change your world lock without removing the last one? Well let me introduce to you the Lock Switcher. Simply consume this and change it with your desired lock. Dont worry, the last lock will go back to your inventory safe and sound. Note that this item only works in world locks or world lock items

That is my idea of the item description. So pretty much it will work like a door mover. Upon using it people in the world will re-enter when consumed. It also notifies every person entering the world to be aware, like a Change of address. Can be available for 20k gems??. Idk its your choice on how to obtain such a thing

Why would you use it?
Well idk, maybe a world became a spammer's hub and the owner wants to silence those peasants. Maybe locking a world with an emerald lock might fit in the world but without really risking to remove the lock ane use ur admins. Just Maybe.

Only lock owners are capable of using this. If you own the world no worries. So if a co-owner or admin uses in. It will say "Thats the owner's decision and job. Let them do it not you".

What will it look like is also up to the devs. Just to make it balanced.

Hope you like my little concept of convenience.

Secondly some new ideas.

Little reward when a growtopian has a GT Forums acc. Maybe an UNTRADABLE item perhaps. We need recognition here.

Donation Boxes will also have a warning popup whenever the player attempts to put 100wls or more inside the box.

People miss the Growtopia in which whenever an update goes in, almost everyone has the item. (aahhh). My idea is having an item that thevplayer can recieve when they check out PAW for atleast 2 days. Make the item cool and untradable. Its a limited item that can be claimed after Day 7 PAW for 2 days.

Ill probabbly add more but here is my first few entries