mine is about getting a crystall seed on a parkour and it was very near me,i was too excited to collect it til it lags and someone collected,but he gave me 1wl because he needed,this is the first time i got wl (so happy even crystal seed worth 7wls at the time)

also i get my second wl when i always play carnival, i have many trash, idk its exists! (cuz school,i play gt like 5 hours every month),good time playing games especially the 2 player game (idk name,i i haven't play carnival in 10 months,no trash for now lol) until i got lion prize on 1 of the games,idk what main point of this game so people are buying it for things, til someone offers me 1wl (whatagenius),i selled and got 2 wls,very happy as hell