Since PAW has come around, I’ve noticed something strange. Whenever I’m behind a really dark background, my visuals will freak out a little bit. It would only work on a cave door, but I’ve seen it happen on other wallpapers, all dark. Also, it’s not just on my device as my friends could see it as well. Here are some pictures.

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This was the easiest to get a picture of, but basically if I respawn anywhere else in the world it wouldn't work. However, behind the cave door it did.

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This was the hardest picture to get. It’s kinda hard to see, but there’s one tiny blue drop behind another normal colored blue drop.

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This one wasn’t too hard, it just requires timing. It’s just odd because it’s only a few tears outta the bunch

It also did the same thing with the lens of riches, as whenever you see that coin splash from the bonus, one or two of them would be very very light blue. It’s really odd.