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Thread: Review on moderators

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScammePlse View Post
    I mean... you guys ever thought about the consequences of these new moderators "benefits"

    More manpower leads to more criminal caught, more criminal caught means less players, less players usually leads up to less socializing. And less socializing means near to dead game. All of these happenings also involves around players' complains and critical feedback on their thoughts on whats occuring in Growtopia.

    Now the only thing is that, I've only covered the general idea of whats going to happen with more manpower on what I just said in the previous paragraph.

    To get rid of rulebreakers, sure, it is a sure-fire answer that more manpower would counter the rulebreakers in this game true. But if you think about it... With more manpower, suspicions becomes higher because now people are getting ban left and right faster and this game is losing people left and right.

    Like this shet reminds of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution except in this scenario other players actually got a voice here in this forum while the ones who were banned may not be as fortunate.

    A quick tip from a player in this game is that. Because this game is so heavily influenced by rulebreakers. Usually chances are at least 1 player on any player's friendlist is a rulebreaker. Meaning if the friendship is strong, banning 1 means losing 2 players. And if you do the math, more manpower probably means your expecting more losses

    I know.. I know this man's a genius yes yes *bow*
    So basically, your trying to say that the Growtopian community consists mainly of rule breakers, well I get your opinion. But on my perspective on things, by adding more moderators and guardians to the game, more players would end up being more carefull and scared to break the rules, since they don't wanna get punished.

    Besides, to me, Having a few good and positive players is way more cool rather than having a ton of naughty rule breakers running around and creating catastrophe.

    Oh yea, I'm also preety sure that too many rule breakers in the game could end up dropping Growtopia's reputation, which in turn, would also cause more players to leave.
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    The moderators intentions are most likely only to serve the community and make it a better place for everybody. if it wasn't they wouldn't be mods in the first place. These users who become staff members are well respected users from the community, it's not like they throw these ranks to random users.

    Most of these threads who are bashing the 2.0 moderators are the users who have gotten banned. Keep in mind no moderator holds a grudge on you nor they will throw bans without an actual reason. Most bans are indeed justified.

    Blaming moderators for wrongdoings is actually against the rules as you're technically not allowed to speak moderator actions + not able to provide any proof other than just statements could lead you to a term of suspension as you're also spreading false information.

    If any of you INDEED have been banned falsely you can contact support and if they answer you and it's still a "No" then it's final, you can't blame anyone else except yourself for your OWN wrongdoings, follow the rules to avoid situations like these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FOWL View Post
    ngl I feel like new moderators should be over checked to see their intentions in game. It’s affecting the player base to me. New mods seem to be exceeding their control over the powers they are given. Im not saying all mods do it but it has come to my attention that a few mods don’t know how to actually function reasonably. I personally barely play the game anymore but seeing constant rants it’s kinda getting out of hand.
    Please offer some examples.

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    Do you not see the irony in that? Moderator have training and are moderators to review the Growtopians of the game, It would just go in a cycle, Then people would say the people who moderator moderators would need to be reviewed, This is not exactly the wissest idea, But cool idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devours View Post
    by 2020 there would be 100 mods, game will crash, potato servers due to mods spamming free SBs, 1000 forum mini-mods become game guardians, Seth.R will say the exact phrase "thank tf i sold it, worth every penny"

    i can foresee the future
    Wonder if Ubisoft will ever sell gt
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