So as we all probably heard, Ubisoft has started to pay big YouTubers to promote their game. That includes PrestonPlayz, who has NEVER played the game before. In his backpack he had all (or atleast most of) the IOTM's. There's clearly alot of DLs worth of items, which Ubisoft has just spawned into his backpack. They're limited for a reason.
You see where I'm going with this. You can apparently promote their game and get limited items (that we, normal players, have to work hard to get) for free.

"I've had a growtopia Instagram account for over 4 years, so if you (Ubisoft) could spawn Phoenix wings in my backpack, I would start to post more about growtopia. Why not? You gave limited items to YouTubers". You can see how stupid (and unfair) that is.