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Thread: Help needed! Need to borrow a farm(s)

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    Default Help needed! Need to borrow a farm(s)

    Hey guys! So I’m planning on planting over 300k chandelier seeds! The problem, I spent half of my dls on the seeds alone and I need the other half to supply my friends vending world. I’m going to need about a month of borrowing farm(s)

    If anyone has a spare farm I could borrow for atleast a week (if you need the farm back the chands will be able to be harvested in a week)

    I don’t know exactly how many farms I need but I just need them planted!

    And yes IM LOOKING FOR MANAGERS!!!!! One person can manage up to 2 farms.(show me you’re trusted)

    I will msg you in game and access you when I acquire the farms!

    Yes I know that’s a whole lotta farms! But again if anyone has a spare farm if you could help me! Thank youuu

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    Update: I don’t need to own the world just need admin to plant
    (Only if I see your previous posts and see your legit)
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