Today's WOTD is a disgrace. It's literally the same part 30 times with no variation whatsoever. This makes me want to quit the game, this is unacceptable. A world like this winning WOTD is a big fat middle finger to any builder who actually puts effort to their worlds. It looks like it was made in an hour by a 9 year old with no idea how to build. This can not continue. We need a new WOTD picker team, comprised of people who actually know how to build and will pick high quality worlds over this abomination. Furthermore, I would suggest you change WOTD to WOTW: World of the Week. This way there would be more time to pick a good world and people would actually play it. Also, making the WOTD trophy untradeable would most likely stop people from making worlds just to sell the trophy for some dls.

Quick summary:
1. New WOTD pickers who can differenciate between a good world and a pile of random blocks put together.
2. Change World of the Day to World of the Week.
3. Make the trophy untradeable. However, this might discourage poor people from making worlds, so I would advice giving the winner a few dls as well. Not too many though.