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Thread: Please give us clear and understandable rules and conditions.

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    Default Please give us clear and understandable rules and conditions.

    So the past few days/weeks everyone in the forums have been going crazy about stuff like Rarest's suspension, 420's suspension and many others (Mine not to be counted since the conditions were quite different). The problem here is not the bias or whatever you wanna call it. The problem is that the moderators are not themselves clear on lots of rules. The mods keep on making new rules and then punishing others for breaking them even if they did the certain actions before the rules were created. In rarest's situation, the ban should have been 60 days but later on after his suspension the rules were changed to perma ban. Same goes to 420, his name was changed and he was later suspended because he said he was gonna sell the name. Mods told him that name selling is illegal, which it has not been ever. The username selling is a big part of the game and it has been so for years. No one has been punished for such.

    Rules are being changed constantly. Now even the recommended age was changed. If new rules are created, everyone must be aware of them by making us read and accept the new rules. And all moderators should know all the rules if they want to do their job properly. That is the biggest problem we have lately.
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    Never thought I'd say this, but I agree with you. The rules are being more biased, rather than actual strict firm rules. This needs a change asap.
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    I don't think so


    I believe Rarest got several warnings beforehand. For 420's case, I agree his name shouldn't have been taken, but name trading shouldn't be illegal. I saw nekorei saying something like "apparently you were going to sell your account which is illegal" and this of course is false. Perhaps she misunderstood things or am I missing on something?

    Eitherways I agree that ubisoft is becoming more and more inconsistent and unprofessional when it comes to punishments.
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    I agree.

    Probably some mods or even admins doesn't even understand the rules(?)
    Like, they don't understand what is what, selling accounts or names etc. idk

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    Agreed. The players should be made aware of the guidelines that are given to moderators.
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    420 suspension in mistake yea. He talked about name selling, not about account selling, so i hope they remove his ban asap. And yes, we really need know all rules. Someone need write all rules down and then tell us, what rule break gives how many days ban. Current system is totally wrong, cause we really don't know anymore what we could and should do and ppl get banned, cause they had no idea that they actually broke any rules.
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    Yep. It's a bit unprofessional. The moderators and the people that are new to the circle of power are a bit inexperienced and I believe more training should be done. It's better to be slow but steady than to be hasty and give half-baked results and products.

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    A permanent suspension for tournament has been happening since June. Evading an already existing Tournament Ban is another offence with the same punishment

    Name trading isn’t illegal, account trading is.

    Closing thread.



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