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Thread: Giant Eye Head & Beast of A Thousand Eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkos View Post
    We have - we're still discussing it, though, so no decisions to share yet!
    They should be returned. There are various items that we can compare to the one's that were removed and make it seem illogical to remove only the gross-out ones, and why didn't you guys replace some of the items with the actual replacement? (Anyone who had a Giant Eye Head would instantly have it removed and be replaced with snake hair) same for the other items... Yet, they still lurk around and it doesn't make any sense, you just made them unobtainable not removed from the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Another Growtopian View Post
    Are they returning? They look dope af. It may be controversial to some players, but I think a huge portion of the playerbase loves these anyway (just an assumption). Oh and while we're at it, it seems like Ubisoft likes to handle out polls/surveys, but I haven't received any? To whom do they send these "surveys"?
    Hopefully they dont return cause then many people will lose about 20 dls+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkos View Post
    We absolutely take feedback seriously, and while development is involved and even seemingly "small" features can take a great deal of effort, in this case it's not hard to point to multiple items on the very list you linked that we've implemented.

    We also do polls - they show up in the Gazette when we hold them, and they show up for everyone. Even if we could limit them to a subset of the playerbase, we wouldn't want to, as more data helps to make decisions clearer. As for their impact, we don't hold polls just because we feel like it; the implementation of Mutant Kitchen was a direct result of a recent poll.

    We care about this game and its community, both of which we're constantly trying to enhance on a monthly basis. We can point to things like our game guardians and support initiatives to our monthly updates as evidence of this. Are there more things that could be done? Absolutely. Have all - or even most - of the community's suggestions been used? No. Do either of those points completely erase our continuing efforts? I'd argue strongly they don't, but if you still disagree, that's okay, too - we still want to know, because any and all feedback really does help make this a better game.

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    so there is no chance of giant eye coming back?



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