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Thread: Careful so u dont get scammed like this

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    Default Careful so u dont get scammed like this

    Seems now is new way to do scams with Vends.
    When place where u port in and stand at Vend , Its covering Vend itself and image of item inside.
    Player is blocked to move to side of vend to see item inside so its not visible, i should have realized that it was a scam as Vend wasnt in public area but after door to it, above vend.
    This way i got scammed when trying buy platformseeds and was kinda rush when few players inside world.
    in vend was Platform , but not seeds.
    65 Blocks / WL , while normal price is 200/1.
    Reported world and warned other players that not making same mistake what i did.
    Reported as well player in Buyplat who were spambot advertising still for hours.
    In world was Remote Bots 5 of those , Spamming adverts. Just i hope those get banned.

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    You should've paid attention next time smh
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    Well, this has been used for many years, with world owners buying spammer bots (illegal) or super broadcasts to false advertise their worlds which aren't selling what they said they were. Back a little while ago, world owners would super broadcast that they were quitting and were selling items for 10/1, like chickens, display blocks, display boxes, and then suddenly change the price to 1/10, effectively scamming a player of a dl. I'm pretty sure the 15 second vending machine cooldown was to avoid this. On what you're saying, I've definitely seen people selling items as other items, such as "fish tank seeds" as fish tanks, "wooden platform seeds" as wooden platforms, and "pristine rods" as reliable rods. Honestly, im pretty sure everyone has fell for this trick before... and once you do so, you pretty much vow to not fall for it again.
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