I have 5 buy+worlds. I need someone to buy all of these worlds in a package for 125 dls. These worlds include

Buyeyecleaning (earns about 5-15 wls per day)
Buyblackeyedrop (sales are a bit low right now but outearns buyeyecleaning with 8-20 wls daily)

Buyblueeyedrop (earns 1-3 wl per day)
Buygreeneyedrop (earns 0-2 wls per day)
Buyredeyedrop (earns 0-2 wls per day)

I’m gonna say it again, I need you to get sellers who will buy all of these worlds for a total of 125 dls.

If you sell at the original price of 125 dls, I’ll give u 4 dls. However for every 4 dl increase in price that you can get me, you’ll get an extra dl. So like if you were to sell the world for 133 dls instead of 125, you’ll get 6 dls.

I need as many advertisers as possible. If you find a buyer, you must dm me on discord ByteSock#0607 or contact me in-game. I won’t give you dls if you don’t directly refer me to the buyer and I will only give you the dls once the trade is complete.