Alright, so today I was on my phone, going around BFGs and I got into one and started breaking chandeliers for gems and to try to hit level 40. And that was when my ADD brain kicked in, and anyone who has ADD knows that our specialty is messing around with people for fun, and that's what I did. So I started just punching the air in the same spot, until the owner noticed. And he started punching me and asking if I was an autofarmer. I stop punching the air and say I'm not and I'm just messing around. He then says that he reported me for autofarming, and bans me from the world. We then have these messages:
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As you can see I am really paranoid right now that I could actually be banned even though I wasn't autofarming. I've seen people on forums who have been permanently banned for no reason, and I'm right now really scared for my account. Is it possible I get banned because of this garbage BFG owner?