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Thread: Draw dragon with you own style. 1 up to 10 wls.

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    Default Draw dragon with your own style. Prizes is 1 up to 10 wls.

    * Hey you at there?
    a guy : Me?
    * Yes, you! You were invited on this contest!
    a guy : What i gonna do?
    * It's simple, just draw the dragons.

    a guy : But, i can't dra....
    * Shhtt.. mostly people can draw! even only line art, rough sketch, or like NekoWolf did, even though a Ms. Paint will do.

    * How is the contest works?
    You need to draw this ������..

    Rules :
    * Photoshopped art will not count as well
    * Watermarks are welcome, don't hesitate to add them. But, do not covered too much.
    * Do not tracing from other people, try to be creative.
    * Jokes purposes is allowed.
    * If someone steal from google images or another hosting art lke Deviant art, art fight will be not count.

    Hm, what application should i use to draw??
    Wow, good question!
    In general, if you have cellphone ( sorta android. ) You can use MediBang Paint, Autodesk, IbisPaint X, and many more.

    On PC, you can use Ms. Paint, Paint SAI, Krita (FreePaid software), etc.

    An art will be awarded depend on the quality and rating itself. The budget is 1 Diamond locks and will given separately.

    The following number of rating is 1-10.
    For example : Eagly submitted his art and got rating 7. So, he will be awarded 7 wls from me.

    There is no deadline, so get your own.

    Note : You dont need any effort to draw that, at least. A proper lineart and color is good enough. If you want to add shading instead, a plus point of rating will be earned.

    Probs, someone ask this.. ( is the pixel art are permitted?
    Of course, you can.. But, remember this.

    Do not remake/copying from the original.
    Recommend, if you cannot draw at digital. Try use traditional arts!

    Statistic : 6 wls left. (You still can get 6-8 wls)
    Contestants :
    1)SwordsGT ✔️
    2)Pente ✔️
    3)Kyeosi ✔️
    5)zao05 ✔️
    6)xxKimchi ✔️
    7)NekoWolf herself? ✔️
    8)Kaana ✔️
    9)LopyHupiz ✔️
    10)xolotyl ( Need world confirmation. )
    11)Crunchyy ✔️
    12)Recreate ✔️
    13)Rimoui ( Need world confirmation. )
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