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    (a day ago) so im banned ok. i log on. all i see in the recent worlds are HACKEDBYTIMECOLDGT123 and so on. so this means he was basically waiting for me to get unbanned just so he can take my stuff. idk if hes gonna upload it or not but im kinda rich / i have half a chand farm which the owner said he would give back i just need to log on. rn im really hoping he isnt the hacked just wanting to see me suffer a little bit more. he also took alot of froggys stuff since we are friends. i have acc in about every world and we have communism going on with the mojority of our items. this means froggy lost about the same as me (i lost 2 dls, froggy lost 140). also i just wanna note that he is a fast growing 25k subs channel. this means he gets wls, fame, and money. i just think ubi needs to up their game and try to get some of the old good mods back. (jenuine your my fav mod) just saying that the current mods jump to conclusions too quickly

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    do they jump to conclusions too quickly? yes.
    do they give a damn tho? no.
    do they get paid in the end? yes.
    do they care in the end? no.
    do 1.0 mods get paid? no, but do they do a better job? yes.

    will this post get taken down? yes.
    will you get banned for talking about your ban? yes.

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