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Thread: Time Tossed Feature Update

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    Default Time Tossed Feature Update

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Time's gone all wibbly-wobbly!

    All-new blocks and items alike have been thrown out of their proper periods and scattered throughout Growtopia's games, landing... oh... just about everywhere!

    That's not all, either - it seems something ELSE has tumbled into our time, an ancient god from a long-past empire; perhaps if you can find his relics, he'll grant you a portion of his power...

    Find out more about this and let us know what you think about this new feature update in the feedback thread here.



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    Default Dev Diary: Time-Tossed!

    Hello Growtopians!

    Look at all that stuff! This month's update is a cool one, because it's not about any individual system - it's about ALL the systems (well, ideally - we couldn't hit 'em all), and items for them! It's inspired a bit from our Stuff Update from last year, but that one also had a few quality of life changes, whereas with Time-Tossed, we decided to focus all of our dev efforts on cool items and getting them!

    We weren't able to touch all of Growtopia's many systems with new items, of course, but we think we got a lot of them! Keep your eyes peeled for goodies in all kinds of places. We think an update like this can be a breath of fresh air for many systems all at once, making things new and exciting across the board. Let us know if you agree, of course - this sort of thing is sure to come back if you guys enjoy it, and sure to get tweaks and edits if not, but either way, the only way we'll know... is if you tell us!

    Enjoy your time-tossed travels, my friends!



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