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Thread: Ways to Save Console

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    Default Ways to Save Console

    it’s annoying how many times i see people complaining about the game dying on console but i can disagree. it is digging a deeper hole and players are falling into that hole aswell. just a small post on what i think could help benefit or “save” the game.

    now the main thing i wanna talk on is Moderators. casinos are finally taking over and soon exploits will return so there’s no reason to not start hiring new staff/mod members. low player base still which would make for good practice times on the newer recruitments. or even just Guardians.

    Updates shouldn’t be a two month long waiting period, make it at least monthly or weekly for short updates etc. doesn’t make sense to miss out on updates that pc/mobile servers receive.

    start Advertising the game more on different platforms, websites etc. make it big because short ads with little visibility to the eye won’t catch a bigger audience.

    not a bright idea nor the best bit adding Console Exclusive items and quests etc may pull in more players from pc/mobile but not a large amount.

    overall, just do what you can. please everyone and don’t let a game with good potential go to waste.
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    maybe they should fix issues like the support before advertising, those kinds of problems will waste advertising as theyll discourage a newbie

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    I spent like 2 minutes thinking of something funny to write here. I can't think of anything.


    There is no revival for this, just let it die and forget it ever happened.
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    or buy everyone a console
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    honestly just scrap console

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    I'll pinpoint some of what you've said here with my own knowledge.

    Moderators will come eventually but as of right now the main concern is gameplay and user interface and general user and game reaction. If these get into a better state, then they'll start hiring Moderators. All console moderators will be chosen from the initial moderator team.

    As I stated earlier first the general gameplay and all that then they'll start advertising the console version. Hang in there.

    I can 100% guarantee you that they are dealing with console and they have big plans for it, which all of you will see in the following soon.

    I know all of this as I speak to an Ubisoft staff and I run the unofficial Growtopia Console Discord Server. I try my best to fetch all the neccessary answers to these crucial questions. If any of you have any more questions I'll answer them to my own power. (I might ignore questions as some may not be my call to answer or I don't know about it)
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