it’s annoying how many times i see people complaining about the game dying on console but i can disagree. it is digging a deeper hole and players are falling into that hole aswell. just a small post on what i think could help benefit or “save” the game.

now the main thing i wanna talk on is Moderators. casinos are finally taking over and soon exploits will return so there’s no reason to not start hiring new staff/mod members. low player base still which would make for good practice times on the newer recruitments. or even just Guardians.

Updates shouldn’t be a two month long waiting period, make it at least monthly or weekly for short updates etc. doesn’t make sense to miss out on updates that pc/mobile servers receive.

start Advertising the game more on different platforms, websites etc. make it big because short ads with little visibility to the eye won’t catch a bigger audience.

not a bright idea nor the best bit adding Console Exclusive items and quests etc may pull in more players from pc/mobile but not a large amount.

overall, just do what you can. please everyone and don’t let a game with good potential go to waste.