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    Default Clutch move

    We were so stressed earlier because the research paper we sumbitted was rejected and literally the time left was 15 minutes before his class dismissal.

    All of us are stressed because of how little the time is left considering that we have to redo the word then print it.

    The thing is, there wasnt enough time. Our first and closest destination was the library, but sadly, flashdrives arent allowed to be inserted.

    Now if youre asking about my laptop, its dead before the class dismissed even.

    They were planning to go back to a computer cafe but its too far and doing it would cost a lot.

    Well luckily i told them that theres a computer cafe inside a xerox ect ect store.

    We had many problems and realised its 5:20 and the dismissal was 5:00 and when we got it done, printed it, right in time he was about to reject any more incoming research paper.

    All of us are anxious and relieved.

    Skl. If it werent for my suggestion, we got an exemption. And everyone ofc, they did a lot as well.
    //include <istream>
    usingnamespace std;

    Int main([])
    Int, x; y
    cout >> "Aaa aa a a a a a/n;
    cin >> "x"
    Cout << "cin", cin:
    Return 0

    # cout >> "Aaa aa a a a a a/n;

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    Epic moment right there, but you should have an extension as that was very close, but you did it and gz
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