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nope. nope. nope.


As much as I love this idea, it's extremely unsafe for the hosts and for the guests.

Also it's like $200 for me to even fly to Miami so no.

If anyone wants to host a Growtopia meetup at a large convention like AX or PAX, i'll do that instead.
It's fine if you don't wish to attend (and I don't advise anyone to spend that much just to get here). Regarding the safety, it's completely safe. Like I mentioned in the previous reply, it is being held in a public place with constant surveillance and security. Not only that, both me and my co-host are CPR Certified by Red Cross, and have over 100 combined volunteer hours with underage children supervision.

That being said, we do require parental consent if you are under 18. We also require a parent to be present if you are under 13.