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Thread: I Maked A World, Candidant For WOTD! i think its great, what u think?

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    Default I Maked A World, Candidant For WOTD! i think its great, what u think?

    The World Is Called "MARSUO".

    +Have a nice story.
    +Have a nice song.
    +You dont get bored when ur in parkour.

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    here's the rendeworld for u guys
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    Alright. It has potential, but I doubt it's going to win. Standards for WoTD are a bit higher. Here's what you can do to have a shot at winning.

    - Give your world a structure. Right now, it has floating rooms made with martian soil. Try to put everything on ground.
    - Spice up the color palette. Don't just use the martian soil. Use other blocks too.
    - Add something eye-catching to the world. It looks a bit bland for now.
    - Use fitting objects. Crappy signs in a rocket don't look that good.
    - Get rid of free space.

    Good luck on the world.
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    way too empty, also you should be showing us the render, not @smartwaffle. <--- pro rabbit

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    0% worthy, why do you think it's great? It's very empty and so random
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kranken View Post
    Thank you for pointing it out. I am sure Nintendo regularly checks the Growtopia forums for such suggestions!

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    Please insert art and mix something around that red dirt. I agree it looks empty. Not all parkour world depends on the song. Just make the world more colourful and attractive.
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