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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Default Wotd Nomination By ZzGTGamerzZ

    Name:  glitchedpk.png
Views: 183
Size:  690.7 KB

    GlitchedPK is a Story/adventure Parkour about glitches.
    Highlights: Original Idea ( i have never seen a parkour about glitches)
    Doors that leads to other glitched worlds (to represent growtopia world's system.(i feel its a small but nice detail))
    Cool fighting style ( Yes, we get to fight stuff. It is also a creative idea as i made it up myself)
    It is a storyline as we play as one of the devs

    Song used was the Growtopia restart song ( i feel it is the most relateable to glitches in growtopia SPOILER: Growtopia in that world would reboot)
    The whole world was made by me so the design may be bad...
    Credits to Fung for helping me make the song

    Reviews for my world in my world were 90% positive so im quite happy with it
    This is my best map yet (my second map )

    Name:  missionagent.png
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Size:  852.1 KB

    Mission Agent is an Adventure/Game/Story world about an agent doing missions

    I did the whole world by myself with abit of help from grimmjr ( he helped critique world)

    It has tons of Dark easter eggs that leads to a dark realm in the world...
    I really hope this world gets attention from youtubers as i do not think 1 person can find the ending and deep lore hidden by himself.

    get 50 exp from playing missions scattered around the world in a town to become the top ranking, super top secret agent
    Maybe Plus Points?

    It is original as there is NO SONG and the idea is mine as it is about a secret agent doing missions.
    It is a pixel world of a town, but missions are inside the buildings
    It has alot of easter eggs that tells a story within the game
    It is very easy to play so it is suitable for all growtopians
    The secrets would be fun for the community to play and solve together as the secrets is very intriguing
    There is a story plot
    PZ jammers and rainy city weather machine to depict town

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    World: CAHZN
    IGN: QueenPeafowl

    Name:  4B4E8CE6-C9AD-4821-98D2-F7E73F076E65.png
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Size:  1,007.3 KB
    This world introduces and acknowledges the existence of store packs such as the Fantasy and Dungeon Pack.

    This world uses items from those packs. It is rare that anyone would make a world about packs, and I’m proud to say that this is something new. Originally made by me. But, the idea is from my Best Friend, Ertimis. Thank you Friend!

    This world contains:

    Portal Parkour
    Obelisk and Sungates
    PZ Jammers
    Word Puzzle
    Credit board

    Packs Used:
    Race Pack
    City Pack
    Gangland Pack
    Vegas Pack
    Zombie Defence Pack
    Farm Pack
    Science Pack
    Music Pack
    Fantasy Pack
    Dungeon Pack
    School Pack

    ( each are divided in different sections with its own surprises )

    Plus points:
    Uses blocks from recent updates ( roots and harvest )
    Creative idea ( using item packs from store for my builds )
    Explanation of obelisk, sungate, and the goals they have to finish ( I guided them )

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    GROWTOPIAISGOLD is a world that contains information about Growtopia. I'm sure that many players will be entertained and relate.

    This world contains :
    -Pixels of Growie Award
    -Facts and Trivias about growtopia
    -A newbie friendly parkour
    -some of growtopia's background
    -A QUIZ on the end of the parkour
    -Both Jammers
    -Night Weather
    -Also has credits beside white door

    World Render :
    Name:  12-01-49-growtopiaisgold.png
Views: 179
Size:  190.2 KB

    I hope my world will be picked because it imparts messages in which, newbies can gain knowledge about our beloved game.


    Name:  16-29-16-growtopiaisgold.png
Views: 138
Size:  192.0 KB
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    GrowID: INSZ

    This world is an adventure world with Disney theme. This world will let you know about History of Disney. It also makes you know about Disneyland all over the world.

    - Weather machine ~ Night
    - Punch and zombie jammer
    - Castle pixel art
    - Parkour
    - History of Disney and Credits board
    - Information about Disneyland
    - Password door game
    - Cybot parkour

    Last Render:
    Name:  disneyscastle.png
Views: 168
Size:  275.5 KB

    Im just added something that makes this world be more interesting to play and hopefully i can win this nomination

    Thank you for reading! see you in the next WOTD!

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    Default I nominate LOSTASTRONAUT for WOTD!

    Added some things there and put portal near white door to the WOTD that inspired me*
    GrowID: 26EGG

    Hello there! I'm gonna nominate LOSTASTRONAUT(my 2nd WOTD attempt) to become a WOTD. This world has 3 parkours and 1 password quiz. This world is based off almost on real life story's that has been happened. The world is to test ur parkour skills and intelligence. It also has 3 passwords that u need while doing password quiz. U can find them around the map.

    Credits to:

    26EGG for making the world designs
    26EGG for funding it
    26EGG for making story
    Heramix for giving most the design ideas
    Heramix for letting me use he's SPACIALREND's world to help me on the project.

    This world includes:

    Punch jammer
    Zombie jammer
    Weather machine-Warp speed
    3 parkours and 1 password quiz
    3 giant pixel arts- Red meteorite, ufo ship and planet Mars.
    A story on boards near white door
    Winners room!
    And adventure items to use during parkour.


    U were working at space station, helping astronauts with their missions, to be successful. But another day, when u and ur team sent one astronaut to the space, then everything went down.. U lost a connection with him, but it came back after few seconds, but everything was not okay. U saw on he's screen that it was horrible situation: one wing wing were apart, engine broken and on flames.. Then u realised that u needed to help the astronaut, or he wouldve have died there. Then u decided to go and fly to planet Mars and bring him back carefully.

    Note: before doing parkour u should check around the map for 3 passwords that has been hidden somewhere. And banana needed to grab when ur doing parkour.

    Here is the latest render of the world!

    Name:  lostastronaut.png
Views: 145
Size:  356.1 KB

    Best regards!
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    Hello, Hello.

    After one constructive week of building this world, I have finally finished it. This is more or less (for me atleast) to get familiar with how the blocks blend and how all the mechanics work. The result which came out is not so bad after all, Not the best but surely not bad either. I could say that when I built this world I also learned some things that I should do differently but overall quite happy. Will be looking foward building more worlds in the future.

    Pretty much the world itself is Noob-Friendly (Meaning you don't need any mods to play it) and the parkour is somewhat out of the box and harder as you progress (I guess you can put it like that?) It also has signs which annoy you and well, are random so to say to keep you company while you die at least 100 times.

    World: HeartfulDesire

    Render of the World

    Name:  ..............Capture.PNG
Views: 159
Size:  769.6 KB

    The world has
    - P Z jammer (of course)
    - Pixel art
    - Intermediate parkour
    - usage gateway adventure item

    let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated!
    IGN: Chowney

    a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
    an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

    ~ Winston Churchill

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    Default Nominating STALKED for WOTD

    Nominating STALKED for WOTD by Kaito and Krankie

    Name:  Screenshot_2019-09-11-20-38-07-1.png
Views: 154
Size:  434.5 KB

    A journalist, who is travelling to another country had a big mysterious turn of life. Travelling in a plane with a bunch of passengers encountered a sudden flash of bright light, little did they know they were already teleported to another dimension, gravity is different. While on journey on finding a way to escape the place, you heard something behind your back! Are you being stalked?! Who or what could that be?!😱 -Find out more exclusively in STALKED

    Items require before starting the adventure
    *Any Wings
    *Any item that has a gliding effect (parasol is preferable)

    World Contains
    *An original creation
    *Storylines *Various Adventures (likely added "reversal")
    *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Ghost Charm, and Pineapple Guardian
    *Usage of Cybots (e.g Trickster and more)
    *Usage of Newly Added Blocks (Roots and more)
    *Usage of Adventure Items
    *Moderate Difficulty Parkour
    *Winners Area
    *Private links to each sector
    *CREDITORY is located near the white door

    #Kaito #Growtopia #growtopiagame #growwotdsep19
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Kaito
    World: KAITO
    Instagram: @kaitonatics

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    Default TraverseGrowtopia, by: Smirky

    GrowID: Smirky

    Take an adventure into a training course, test your might against cybots of all kind, all adventure items including the Tomb Robber NPC, and some challenging jumps all possible WITHOUT wings or a parasol. End off your journey at the hall of appreciation!

    Name:  traversegrowtopia.png
Views: 158
Size:  1.36 MB

    World Includes:
    -Zombie and Punch Jammer
    -Mini Mod
    -Pineapple Guardian
    -Fire House
    -Unique GrowTopia logo Art/Concept
    -Unique Story
    -Most blocks from the Updated Adventure Pack
    -A lot of new Roots! blocks
    -All Cybots!!!!!
    -A lot of the Summer/Winter/Spring clash utility blocks
    -Credits and art citation at spawn

    *You can't see the Cybots in the render but there are the max amount used (10)*

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    Default Evilandnature by Rimuoi

    This is good?
    Growid: RiMuOi
    - Before the dawn, there were 2 kittens named Devil Cat and Nature Cat. Devil Cat also known as Evil and Nature Cat is also known as Nature. They tried to be friends but sadly they can't. Fortunately the assistant robot cathead found a solution to communicate with each other and after all, the 2 passed away. The cathead made a special parkour for us to play.
    ~ Alot of adventure items
    ~ Punch and Zombie Jammer
    ~ Password doors
    ~ Easy-Difficult Level Parkours
    ~ Hangout lobby after you finish
    Name:  evilandnature.png
Views: 169
Size:  468.9 KB
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    Default Wotd Entry

    A fun and easy parkour with a Pac-Man theme!!
    Name:  C3D0A3D4-17DF-4820-8FFC-63B235FD3320.png
Views: 161
Size:  106.1 KB

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    Default ATMCITY18 FOR WOTD?

    World Name:ATMCITY18
    Grow Name: TeaLand

    My world is full of adventure...

    -World Have-

    * New Blocks
    * Adventure Games
    * Password Game
    * Dragon Gate Game
    * Parkours
    * Punch/Zombie Jammer
    * Mini Mod / Pineapple Guardian
    * Pixel Art ATM
    * Experiences...
    - I add new things at my world
    Hope I get WOTD
    This is LAST render of world

    Name:  atmcity18.png
Views: 162
Size:  200.9 KB

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    Default WOTD

    Name:  pirateshipofgt.png
Views: 157
Size:  323.1 KB
    This world called "PIRATESHIPOFGT"
    By the way,The clouds are intercept the plane!
    The world have
    -Adventure items
    -Some Question!
    My growtopia name is Fywiel!
    Thank you.



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