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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Talking ThxGiving2019

    World: ThxGiving2019
    GrowID: iGhostRiderz

    ThxGiving2019 is a Thanksgiving themed world with a great story line as well as a easy-medium parkour. Parkour your way through all the thanksgiving foods while enjoying a nice, relatable story.
    There is a bulletin board by the white door with all the respective credits.

    - Punch and Zombie Jammer
    - Spring Weather Machine
    - Credit Board near white door
    - Story line
    - Parkour
    - Pixel arts

    Name:  thxgiving2019.png
Views: 127
Size:  938.7 KB

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    Default HWARRIOR for WotD!

    I am presenting the world HWARRIOR for World of the Day (WotD)
    Changes: Edited some part of the storyline.

    The world contains the following:

    - Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers),
    - Pineapple Guardian,
    - Ghost Charm
    - Weather Machine - Arid,
    - Creditory Board
    - Increasing Level of Parkour from Easy to Average Difficulty,
    - A unique storyline,
    - Thanksgiving Themed!,
    - Different types of parkours,
    - Use of adventure items,
    - Sungate and Obelisks Challenge,
    - Useful information about Thanksgiving, including the Thanksgiving event in Growtopia!
    - A big pixel art of a turkey, which contains a parkour,
    - Lastly, a VIP or Hangout area for the people who are able to beat the world.

    World Description:

    The world gives emphasis on how should we celebrate holidays, for example Thanksgiving. The story starts on you playing a game titled Holiday Warrior, a game you always play when there are special events and holidays. Later on, the game will teach you that holidays are not just events that gives free time but an event worth celebrating.

    Here is the latest render of the world.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default MountainX8 for WOTD!

    Name:  mountainx8.png
Views: 114
Size:  1.38 MB

    Dear all who are reading this, I have really put in my heart and soul into creating this Winter-themed world and I really hope every single one of you can enjoy the warmth and coziness of my masterpiece. Also, a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!Without further ado, here’s the painstakingly crafted storyline.

    Hey there, have you ever wonder what happens on the mysterious mountain trails? One village, a society of “wolf people”, vanished in one night. All eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the villagers fleeing in terror before the entire horizon plunged them into pure darkness. Who were the “wolf people” and who or what was behind their sinister and unforgiving end? Find out more in MOUNTAINX8!
    GrowID: Kageno
    World has:
    -snowy themed mountain
    -adventure style parkour
    -creative MYSTERY genre storyline
    -newbie friendly obstacle courses
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -pixel art of a beautiful house (log cabin)
    -original design of an ancient and aesthetically elegant temple
    -A huge variety of blocks that are related to the upcoming Winterfest (i.e winterfest foliage, snowy rocks)
    -Warm and pleasant lobby chill out area
    -Fireplace VIP room at the end
    -Credits at the guestbook near the white door
    -Greatly inspired by Hamumu’s LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN

    Credits are also given at a guestbook a few blocks away from then entrance of the world so anyone can easily see it.

    #growwotdnov19 #growtopia #thanksgiving

    Thank you to all and hope I can win WOTD!
    Instagram: @kagenogt


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    Default It looks 1 day work

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruzty View Post
    Hey, i'm bear9 and im nominating my RAINBOWSOUL for wotd!
    The world's idea has been created because i had so much colored blocks. May you think that it was easy to build the world and it not worth wotd, but NO! I didn't used the antigravity generator so it was harder than it looks like, every meter you must change the block to not fail the structure and the design. Just a long rainbow road.
    The world has:
    P/Z jammers
    VIP area
    adventure puzzles
    weather machine
    Attachment 227350
    Of course hope for win so thank you!
    Woah! nothing special in this world dude! (It looks 1 day work). When i look to your world, im laughing so hard, i think that someone who won 13 wotds should be better to build up a world than before. Look up this world, is it worthy for wotd? is it better than mine?

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    Default My World of the Day attempt!

    GrowID: mellotopian World: DEADFIND
    My WOTD attempt!
    Word includes:
    -Story of a missing girl and an Evil creature
    -Medium/Hard difficulty parkour
    -Pixel art of the Melloctopus (original idea!)!
    -Creative parkour inside pixel art!
    -Innovative VIP area instead of a dull room
    -Use of cybots in the parkour
    Hope I win WOTD!
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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD

    Latest Render of the world:
    Name:  winterfestdisaster.png
Views: 108
Size:  1.47 MB

    GrowID: Unifinity

    Story: On christmas even, you were invited to party in the big christmas tree. While all of you were preparing. A clumsy friend of yours tried to help hoard all of the gifts to be placed on the tables when he all of a sudden stumbled that caused the gifts to jump right out of the window to the ruins below. Well, no exchanging of gifts means no christmas party. You gathered all your guts and tried to find the gifts in the abandoned ruins.

    World Contains:
    -Weather Machine (Snowy Night)
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer
    -Adventure Items
    -Cool Riddles

    I hope you will enjoy my early Christmas World! and advanced Merry Christmas to all of you Growtopians!

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    Background information:

    This school is one of the oldest schools since its establishment. It was established in the 17th Century when the government decided to make one big project on education. The school contains three massive and wide floors. Each room has provisions of student's interest. For instance would be the Art Room and Sports Hall. With such amenities, the school had became well-known in Growtopia history.

    It was a very big success for the government on enhancing. However one day, there were hoards of zombies came out of nowhere, attacking the school eventually conquering it. Students were terrified against the zombies and resulting the school to be abandoned. That was a dreadful day that zombies had ruin and shattered everyone's hopes on the school.

    Till today, there were some students and teachers who are trapped...

    World Design (Would prefer to look in game as it is very different on render! In game looks scary!)

    Attachment 227102
    World contains:
    - P & Z jammers
    - Ghost charm
    - Apocalypse weather (To turn some of the growtopians into zombies)
    - Beautiful color paints (Looks realistic or as if there is a night vision)
    - Clothes that are related (School uniforms, Zombie clothing and more)
    - Music blocks (Music boxes and Military Radios in some areas of the world)

    This is a Roleplay world between humans and zombies. Zombies can be easily spawn every hour because of the apocalypse weather.

    World Name: ZOMBIESCHOOL
    GrowID: AdvancedFarm
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    Default WOTD Attempt by Banksy

    Hello my name is Banksy! And this is my 2nd WOTD ATTEMPT! I'm really proud with this creation since I got no help with building and I formed a cool looking jungle-world with a big parkour and fun adventures.

    -THELONELYLODGE is all about having fun and it has a big adventure theme with alot of parkour and it's funny because you'll have to be patient to complete the parkour so that will make you enjoy doing the parkour and winning it of course. It's a Jungle theme basically.

    -Grow ID: Banksy

    World Contains:

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Jungle Weather
    -Ghost Charm
    -A fun adventure with alot of parkour!
    -A cool design of a jungle

    Name:  thelonelylodge.png
Views: 107
Size:  1.94 MB

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    Default THEUNIQUECITY by Aureliann

    Name:  theuniquecity.png
Views: 101
Size:  1.27 MB
    GrowID: Aureliann
    Hey, im nominating THEUNIQUECITY! A huge city theme world! So many adventures, you won't be boring there. A lot of rooms inside these towers! Just feel free to visit!
    The world has:
    P/Z jammers
    Weather machine
    Adventure puzzles
    VIP area
    Credits board and so much more..
    Thank you!

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    Nominating FIERYCITY by Kaito and Krankie

    Here is the main world render:
    Name:  fierycity.png
Views: 87
Size:  1.11 MB

    Here is the connected world:
    Name:  oxvon.png
Views: 81
Size:  213.9 KB

    Living in a city wherein countless fires have been spreading all throughout, a citizen from the city is destined to be the solution on dtoppin the curse of the fiery tree caused by the queen of dark spells "Ysandra" from the Book of Crapedium. Do you have what it takes to stop the curse of the fiery tree and save the citizens?

    World contains:
    *Interconnected worlds (FIERYCITY - main/adventure world, and OXVON - story/parkour/adventure world)
    *Hypertech Antigravity Field Gameplay
    *Deciphering of Codes
    *Tricky Gameplay
    *Usage of old and latest halloween blocks
    *Intensive use of paints (mixing)
    *Intriguing Story to capture visitors attention
    *Usage of Adventure Items
    *Usage of Clash Items
    *VIP/Winners lounge
    *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Firehouse on both worlds
    *Creditory Board


    THECURSEDFLAME by Kaito and Krankie

    Here is the latest render:
    Name:  thecursedflame.png
Views: 90
Size:  1.62 MB

    In the city of Haluluna, a fire emerged within the forest causing enormous fire spreads among the city: this fire plead no harm to burn anything but to curse massively on its surroundings. A chosen one, prior to a prophecy from the Crapedium Book of Haluluna, a book which holds the destiny of the city written by a Greek God named "Titaly", ruler of fate and wisdom. The chosen one was to find solution to stop the curse of the flame, and try to revoke it with the help of the Eyeledge, what holds beyond hids beneath.

    World Contains:
    *Various Scenarios
    *Horrific Storyline
    *Pixel Arts
    *Wolfworld inspired
    *Usage of numerous unknown blocks
    *Usage of old and new Halloween Blocks
    *Story Quiz
    *Mind boggling block mixing
    *Usage of various adventure items
    *Full set of jammers: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
    *Publicity of Bridge Creation
    *Moral Lessons
    *Medium Difficulty Level
    *Creditory Board
    *Ensurance of better gameplay
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
    Instagram: @zytran_gt

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    dark dead forest

    Red face RAINBOWSOUL by bear9

    Hey, i'm bear9 and im nominating my RAINBOWSOUL for wotd!
    The world's idea has been created because i had so much colored blocks. May you think that it was easy to build the world and it not worth wotd, but NO! I didn't used the antigravity generator so it was harder than it looks like, every meter you must change the block to not fail the structure and the design. Just a long rainbow road.
    The world has:
    P/Z jammers
    VIP area
    adventure puzzles
    weather machine
    Name:  rainbowsoul (1).png
Views: 84
Size:  888.0 KB
    Of course hope for win so thank you!

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    Your world was accidentally banned. Through some sort of ritual, you got into the World-Banning Office! The place where nuked worlds go. They are very meticulous about banning worlds. You're very sure that your world is not really harmed right now and is reserved for future observations. It's just nuked but not removed. Now, you got to search for your world! Go everywhere where your world could be. Goodluck, player.

    Name:  wherenukedworldsgo.png
Views: 81
Size:  1.09 MB

    -Possible without wings.
    -A winner's room.
    -Catchy story?
    -New Parkour Mechanics.

    I revised the story board. It's still the same story though but used more appropriate words.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!



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