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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Default THESKULLCASTLE for wotd

    My GrowID : RassuA
    World name : THESKULLCASTLE
    My world is about halloween overall. The world is meant to be a castle which is abandoned and very old. The castle is so old that it has a weird shape, but it has a lot of rooms to explore. The world has some interesting facts about halloween and the items. And overall its a fun parkour and adventure world for people to play for fun. The world has Punch and zombie jammers so people wouldnt be so annoying to each other. Also has a weather machine background because The darnkess background isnt that cheap nowadays. A newb friendly ,so everyone could finish the world and exlpore the fun!
    Latest render : Name:  theskullcastle.png
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    Default TheMysteryDeal for WOTD

    The world is about a boy, child or whatever you want to call him who is part of a deal involving an idol and a crystal goblet. You have a mission to complete the trade without losing the goblet. You will encounter parkour, puzzle and signs... A lot of them. Hopefully you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.
    Ign: skylord120
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    IGN: oblisstified

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    Default Terriblecastles For Wotd!

    Hello there,

    Im Eriala. And im still looking to win my first WOTD!
    GrowID : Eriala

    Story : The story is about a serial killer who kill children durning Halloween by cutting off their heads.

    The world consists of :
    - Z & P Jammers / Weather Machine - Background/Firehouse
    - Scary story
    - Fun song
    - Credits board
    - Easy-medium parkour / rarely used mechanic (CyBots, Antigravity walls, Obelisks and sungate, Guild stuff, (For example Gravity wells)) And MANY MANY more!
    - Basic halloween decorations (pumpkin blocks/ evileyes etC)
    - Halloween themed/ scary / creepy
    - Full adventure (Have used every single adventure items)
    - Some riddles
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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Interesting 2nd person story
    -Easy-medium parkour

    You embark on another journey to discover unknown lands. Your map lead you to this place and according to some of your researches, it's very dangerous. There is a tower with the ability to transform anything to something. That something remains unknown until you discover the truth. You make your way through these woods to find what you're looking for.

    Name:  enchantedwoods.png
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    Have a spooky day

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    Default Wotd attempt.

    World: Jumpey2
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1571257957100.png
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    Are you ready for the another epic journey? This is sequel of Jumpey world. An epic adventure parkour with a storyline. in this world you need to climb the mountain. This world made by me. Use wing to get a better experience.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    -Spooky Weather.
    -Pixel art.
    -Adventure Item.
    -Credit Board.

    Thanks for the support, fayey.

    - - - And- - -

    World: Jumpey3
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1572146582552.png
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    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    -Treasure Blast.
    -Credit Board.
    -Public Board.
    -Winner Room.
    -Adventure Item.

    Thanks for your support.

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    This world is very interesting to the growtopians who are finding a thrill world or horror world.

    Story: You are mario, He is very scared person every he saw a ghost he will runn to their bed. But he always watching horror movies One night, after he watch a movie he walk in stair and he close the window but the GHOST appeared in the window Mario rann in his bed and he closed the door.

    Name:  thehorrordream.png
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    This world is adventure, It will be interesting to the Growtopian who are finding thrill world.

    Mechanics: You can CHOOSE a JOB to DEFEAT the EvilBunnies, But before you change a JOB or to be a HUNTER/MAGE You'll need to be STRONGER and also before you get a JOB you need to QUEST in the HUNTET/MAGE to get the JOB.

    Renderworld:Name:  evilbunnies.png
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    Default Hypervia For WOTD!

    World Name:HYPERVIA

    Hypervia is both a puzzle and a parkour world. (has some riddles as well)
    The main attraction of the world is the “change dimensions” feature that will be explained detailed later.

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine: Nothingness
    -Usage Of 2 Worlds (Mainly For Linking)
    -A Story
    -A Password system that can be used to get to the level you left at
    -Advanced Adventure Item Usage (Old And New)
    -Long Length, Medium-Hard difficulty.

    -A New Mechanic: Change Dimensions!

    At the start of every level there is a option to change dimensions.
    When a player changes dimensions the whole world becomes a better/worse place. All the blocks change! But everything else the places you can see,walk, even signs and boards are the same!
    This change dimensions feature is necessity to completing the world since the adventure items and puzzles are diffirent for both dimensions

    -A Credit (also a story/world info) Board is next to the white door. (Or Both of the white doors i should say :P)

    Best regards
    Good Luck!

    I have been improving this world for months now, hoping i can finally win. Im open to ideas to improve the world, anyway thanks!

    Name:  hypervia.png
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    Name:  unifyguild.png
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    Nominating My Guildhome UnifyGuild
    GrowID: DAPPOL
    Anton inspiration that he made the world was very good
    This world was created when I saw the Wotd Rules in a forum that said Guild Home can participate on Wotd. And at that time I wanted to decorate a house guild, but the cost of WLS would be expensive, so I took the initiative to join WOTD for my home guild.
    World Has :
    - Punch Jammer & Zombie jammer
    - Some Adventure item
    Game Play :
    - Tic,tac,to
    - rock paper scissors
    . Parkour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winwood View Post
    Here’s my entry for WOTD, world name is THEGROWTOPIANCODE and my GrowID is Winwood.

    When we first started building, our goal was to have a WOTD worthy world with the rules of Growtopia (Sourced from The Growtopian Code thread by kairos).

    We quickly came up with this “Angelic” and “Devil” side which states the good and bad respectively. We even added a storyline to go with the points in The Growtopian Code.


    World includes:
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer
    * Apocalypse weather machine
    * Immersive and Original storyline
    * Parkour with difficulty ranging from medium - hard.
    * Adventure items
    * Signs everywhere with points from “The Growtopian Code”

    * Winwood [Funding & Planning]
    * Dvours [Constructing and planning]
    * MEGAMILKY [Storyline and writing]
    * Acais [Adventure item links and mechanics]
    * ProdigyDawn [Selling me the world name]

    Attachment 225499
    bumping for ma boy Winwood

    He can't upload images, nor post.

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    Default CHILDRENWORLD for WOTD :]

    Name:  childrenworld.png
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    So, I have created a world with some cool block art and cool story.
    A short summary of the story, that is shown in the world - "The legend says, that in our world there is a unicorn which gives a one chance to bad children to become the good ones in their lives. In this world, to reach the good side, you will have to overcome all the challenges, that the Unicorn has given to you!" Good Luck!

    Although this world hasn't got any music, you can play some children music playlist from your device while beating the parkour in my world!

    The world has all the simple requirements to become a World Of The Day, so I hope, you will like it!

    - Ruwr

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    Default My Nomination

    Okay so i’m nominating
    My GrowID is UpY
    World name is: TinyJourney

    The world includes many different styled jumps and the parkour differs in different areas.
    There’s many different Adventure items making it an exciting adventure to go through.
    There’s punch and zombie jammers so others can’t ruin your experience.
    There are plenty of different mechanics for you to get through the map on.

    You can read the beginning of the story at the house in the beginning.
    But i’ll round it up a bit anyways, you bumped into a scientist carrying some chemicals which reacted and made you pass out. You wake up and find yourself sick, you’re now needing a cure for your sickness and the only way to find the cure for your sickness is to go through 5 different landmarks in the world. The flaming rock, Cursed tree of creepiness, Icy Stone, The lost doors and the Cave of Realms. Can you complete the challenge?
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    Default THESEAOFDREAMS by ChilliSnack

    I would like to present my world. Take your time and explore the wonders of the sea.
    World contains the necessary, and it would be great to win over a while.


    Name:  theseaofdreams.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chemistry Teacher
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    Default Sodenitor for wotd

    World: Sodenitor
    -Autumn tree which its leave has fallen down because of the bad weather!!
    -Big giant ghost
    -A barn
    -Maze with questions that is about Harvest Festival
    More info about this world:You can have fun playing this world with new features and also you can learn many things about harvest festival. eg, You know the recipe of some item and the some information about harvest festival.About the maze you can test your memory with some fun questions about harvest festival.
    -Story:Prince Icky has got a mission from his ancestors to find a recipe of moon cake to save the world.But then he got freezing poison from the flood in the tree(maybe from his enemy named IcyMoJo).So he needs your help to find the recipe to save the world.
    Name:  sodenitor.png
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    Default WOTD for ZONESWAPPER

    GrowID : FireFuryXD

    You’re angry at your brother and you wake up in a horrible house trying to escape your fear. Things keep on getting worse and you try to claim your freedom again. Go through fun parkour and try to get adventure items to help you through your adventure.

    PZ Jammer , Ghost charm.
    Story line in board at start
    Inspirations included in board at start.
    Noob-Friendly parkour(no wings or air robs needed) (level-medium)
    Parkour, creative ideas, fun to play.
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    Default WyneHallows

    I would like to nominate my newly-made world WyneHallows for WOTD.

    - With original designs I initially made using paper and pencil (refer to picture 1)
    - With my own Growtopia version of the music from Touhou entitled "Nightmare Diary"
    (I offer free copy of other anime music in my world SilicaMusic)
    - With original story and character I made up for this world


    Ms. Wyne Hallows is a writer whose favorite topics are ghosts, vampires, and other non-human creatures.
    She told you one of her stories.

    In the year 20XX, the fear for the supernaturals is gone.
    Technology and mankind are able to create alternative food for them so that they will give up harming humans.
    In the future, vampires and ghosts wander around like normal people do and co-exist with each other.
    But how long will this harmonious relationship lasts?
    You, as player, will conclude how the story will end as I provide two choices for you.

    -punch/zombie jammers, pineaple guardian, nothingness weather machine
    -medium difficulty parkour
    -song, story and pixel arts
    -overall good design revolving around single theme

    *I love anime and I love to draw and it's my trademark
    I hope you enjoy the render as well as the gameplay inside the world. Do visit and read the full story.

    WORLD NAME: WyneHallows
    IGN: SilicaChan
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    GrowID: MiLYONERiM

    Name:  halloweenjump.png
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    Halloween Monsters are back!
    Crazy, hungry, bloodthirsty monster is ready to eat somone. By the way, I have some bad news... You’re in this nightmare with friendly ghost. You’ve to get to the sheltered room
    [and the Adventure Begins!]


    This World Has:

    • Story
    • Adventure Items
    • Parkour
    • Maze
    • Guardian Pineapple
    • Zombie and Punch Jammer
    • Firehouse

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    Story, Sally was always a lonely girl. She didn't have many friends, no one liked rich girls in this town. So her father bought her something that he knew she would love. A life sized doll.

    -Weather machine - Night
    -Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer
    -Signal Jammer (used rarely)
    -Fire House
    -Story about a Doll
    -Usage of Adventure Items
    -Death Trap Walls
    -Gravity Wells
    -Dimension Blocks

    Owner: PPVStar

    Render world:
    Name:  toystorywoody2.png
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    I don't think so

    Default Nomination of CHAOTICNIGHT for wotd

    Nomination CHAOTICNIGHT for this contest


    This world contains:
    -jammers, ghostcharm, and firehouse.
    -several halloween blocks
    -a tower built of dark castle blocks
    -easy to hard parkour
    -usage of several adventure items
    -usage of several blocks to achieve impressive combos
    -a pixel art of totally harmless doll
    -a vip area for winners

    Without further ado, here's the render:
    Name:  chaoticnight.png
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Size:  536.7 KB

    Best of luck to everyone
    "You don't have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep."

    Sewing and smithing service!

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    Default CARUDO for WOTD

    I will nominate this spooky haunted house puzzle adventure world that I built. The world has fun "facts" about ghosts and some haunted places on earth. The world is also haunted. It has ghosts on purpose Took me some time to build it. Hope it wins

    World name: CARUDO
    Owners name: SYYG

    World has:
    P and Z jammers
    Nothingness machine
    Fun "facts" about ghosts and haunted places
    Medium difficulty parkour
    Halloween themed blocks
    Lots of adventure items

    Name:  carudo-4.png
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    pLz doNaTe

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    Default Wotd attempt.

    World: Jumpey3
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1572146582552.png
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    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    -Treasure Blast.
    -Credit Board.
    -Public Board.
    -Winner Room.
    -Adventure Item.

    Thanks for your support.



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