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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Default TinyTrip for WOTD ! :3

    Renominating TinyTrip for WOTD
    an adventure + parkour + puzzle played by a tiny alien in a human world
    story of you trying to find the cure for your ill father...
    (you are a small alien on earth)

    World Contains :
    ~P-Z jammers
    ~Pineapple guardian
    ~Ghost charm
    ~Beach blast background
    ~Parkour (everywhere)
    ~Puzzles (many)
    ~Math puzzles
    ~Sun gate + Obelisks
    ~Adventure items
    ~Vip Area
    ~Spectate rooms
    ~Simple pixel art
    ~Public bulletin
    ~Credits bulletin
    And much more stuff !

    As always thanks for the amazing job on keeping gt clean and fun !
    hope you like my world :3

    GrowID : StarkSpark
    WorldID : TinyTrip

    Name:  tinytrip.png
Views: 164
Size:  584.1 KB

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    GrowID: Rovie
    -Growganoth eliminated all of the Growtopian population... but one. You, the only remaining survivor, was a prisoner locked down in a dark cavern. With little food and energy left, you break free from your cell. Battling through the most dangerous caves, CyBots, Tricksters and more, you attempt to defeat the Growganoth.

    World includes:
    Basic jammers, ghost charm
    Credits by door, includes storyline
    Trickster parkour
    Winner’s room
    Adventure items
    Obelisks and sungate
    1 on 1 Growganoth boss fight

    Render:Name:  201644ED-F34B-4A11-8DD2-B91A74A5D564.png
Views: 140
Size:  451.1 KB
    IGN: Rovie

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    A man wakes up one morning to find that everything is in a monochromatic scale. He decides to look around his seemingly deserted city on a quest to find help and color, so he could understand what was going on. Instead of help, he found a cave at the edge of town that was clearly not there before. He explores the cave and color is found. However, it wasn’t quite what he’d expected...

    This world features a one of a kind transcribed intro of Metallica’s Unforgiven III, punch and zombie jammers, a unique story line, and a monochromatic background and parkour.

    Attachment 221189
    Longtime Party Bunny

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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Interesting 2nd person story
    -Easy-medium parkour

    You embark on another journey to discover unknown lands. Your map lead you to this place and according to some of your researches, it's very dangerous. There is a tower with the ability to transform anything to something. That something remains unknown until you discover the truth. You make your way through these woods to find what you're looking for.

    Name:  enchantedwoods.png
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Size:  1,015.0 KB

    Have a spooky day

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    **this world was a runner up for Ottowo's main world building competition!

    Explore the glowy castle, play the challenge, or just relax! Complete Spark's Challenge to win VIP status! To win, you must find 5 adventure items, 3 passwords, and several facts about Spark, all while parkouring, playing trivia, and scouting around!

    Song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

    Features: an amazing cutaway/glowy based design, a "jump up" antigravity field parkour, an adventure item/password challenge, jammers, and much more!

    Inspiration: DANIELDD, ANTON.

    Credits to Cernodile's Planner for the design process.

    Name:  sparkie.png
Views: 138
Size:  232.9 KB

    What a ride. I remember when I found SPARKIE old locked with 189 days. Locking SPARKIE was the influence that decided upon my name; sSpark. I remember the hassles and fun I had in SPARKIE, building it from the ground up, and the memories that I made.

    Thank you.

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    This world contains a bit of information about the growtopia! Splicing, locks, and informations such as are not in the world as it is already at the world TUTORIAL. This world states some details about the currency of growtopia, roles, and other common things! Thank you.

    Here's the latest render of the world :
    Name:  thegrowtopiabasics.png
Views: 128
Size:  453.5 KB

    IGN : Elyxial
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 82
    Visit my page for more informations...
    Goals :

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    Talking Nominating “BOMBIMP”

    World name “BOMBIMP”
    Owner : NewMarc
    (accomondations such as : Punch Jammer, Zombie jammer, weather machine and Music chords are available in the world )
    World has old and advanced parkour technologies, that takes time and critical thinking to solve ( to complete ) so don’t worry about the size
    this is the Demo Version Of the storytale (The Picture Below)
    Name:  E4EA9FB7-B6CB-424E-9A20-C0CBD3116B5D.jpeg
Views: 114
Size:  390.8 KB
    The render of the world is below good luck all
    Name:  bombimp.png
Views: 120
Size:  794.4 KB
    *Thank you*
    (Parcipitation is a must guys, you should all try)

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    The (highly requested) sequel to CONFUSED, a puzzle map, WINDSTATION follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by providing lots of unique gameplay and interactions.

    Focused mostly on logic and very slightly on parkour, WINDSTATION is a map with just one requirement - a clever mind. Your goal is to reactivate a power station, preventing the local villagers from suffering due to a lack of power. Think you can do it? Let’s see.

    Original song (I made)
    PZ Jammers

    Name:  F2A3F057-D2D4-40DF-9266-5DCDE7167C26.jpeg
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Size:  471.9 KB


    I honestly urge you to try it out and then say it’s not good

    A world really unlike any other. Tournaments is essentially an AI fighting simulator, where you have the option to pick your skill set and make countless moves against your opponents.

    You can pick from 4 elements to master, and fight your opponents with. If you succeed, you are into the next round, where you have the choice of 2 elements to mix together- a total of 12 unique combinations. Tournaments may not have many opponents, but there are I think 64+ different ways to play. Craving some AI fighting? Hop along to tournaments.

    Original pixel art (made by MadameZ)
    PZ jammers
    Tons of gateways lol

    Name:  2C465AB0-B57F-4219-A139-1746CE81CDB7.jpeg
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Size:  417.3 KB

    Want to see some Event related Goals and Daily Quests?
    Click here!

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    so I've done some few improvements in this world

    This world has
    -Cool story(Japanese inspired)
    -Pixel arts
    -Usage of new blocks/New mechanics of playing
    -Basic jammers
    -And many more to explore

    Name:  sakuraventure.png
Views: 107
Size:  648.5 KB

    Grow ID: Chaledean

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    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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Size:  468.0 KB

    Synopsis :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

    *1 Cave Slab
    *Adv. Items and obstacles.

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT.

    Previous epsiode from Thelastjudgements of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continous!
    Name:  elementforestreturn.png
Views: 109
Size:  669.3 KB

    Synopsis : The problematic has gone. I don't know if it occured again in the future. At least, this is about end of disturbance. But, i've been too much overthinking about arsonist. Like why, what, how.. that question always across towards in my mind. I won't be cowards, be confidential is my principal. I can't just, leaving him alone, when its over.... Hopefully he'll be okay, stay with his family and enjoy the justice.

    Now, i'm back to the point. How's the situatiom of element currently?

    World including.
    * Story telling.
    * Punch and Zombie jammer
    * Much more.

    What's New?!
    * Summer clash blocks was added into the world.
    * Spring clash blocks was added into the world.
    * Bountiful blocks was added ( including Bamboo Background, Bamboo Platform, Corpse Flower, Flowering Garland, Growtopia-Eating Looming Plant, Jungle Temple, Jungle Temple Background, Jungle Temple Pillar, and Moonkshood. )
    * Summer clash mechanic added ( sort of 20 Deathtrap wall, and 4 Gravity well. )
    * Winter clash mechanic added ( sort of 1 Lunar Crater, and 1 Cracked Stone Slab. )
    * New worldwolf blocks added.
    * Block party v2 added.
    * Hey, Searbot level 1 ( 2 pieces. ), Searbot lvl 2 ( 2 pieces. ) is running your way.
    * Hey, Flame-bot level 1, and Shockbot level 1 is running your way.
    * 5 Winter Wind, Winterfest Cracker Blocks was added into the world.
    * Last, Variants of asteroid.

    Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous!
    Name:  thelastjudgements.png
Views: 102
Size:  387.6 KB

    Synopsis :
    Whoosh, the dark hole teleported into red world with strange area. Suddenly, this is an actual arsonist hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

    *) Trickster is working on Tower and cloud part.
    *) Up, Up and Away Blocks!

    In Additional.
    * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    * Readable story-telling.
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    Default My Nomination

    Okay so i’m nominating
    My GrowID is UpY
    World name is: TinyJourney

    The world includes many different styled jumps and the parkour differs in different areas.
    There’s many different Adventure items making it an exciting adventure to go through.
    There’s punch and zombie jammers so others can’t ruin your experience.
    There are plenty of different mechanics for you to get through the map on.
    There’s a good storyline throughout it as well

    You can read the beginning of the story at the house in the beginning.
    But i’ll round it up anyways, you bumped into a scientist carrying some chemicals which reacted and made you pass out. You wake up and find yourself sick, you’re now needing a cure for your sickness and the only way to find the cure for your sickness is to go through 5 different landmarks in the world. The flaming rock, Cursed tree of creepiness, Icy Stone, The lost doors and the Cave of Realms. Can you complete the challenge?

    Attachment 226138

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    Name:  timepuzzles.png
Views: 104
Size:  1.19 MB
    World name: TIMEPUZZLES
    This world is filled with original and creative puzzles and parkour. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoy making it.
    - Puzzle parkour
    - Hard bonus lvl
    - Secret room
    - Jammers

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    Name:  theshyskull.png
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    Hi there, here's a submission of mine, hopefully I win

    Here's a quick description of my world:

    -It has a lot creepy stories that will shiver your bones out!
    -A skull to explore
    -Adventure Items
    -Contains halloween Items
    -Punch & Zombie Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Background
    -A maze in the dark side
    -A medium parkour on the white side

    Thanks and have a scary halloween!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by グローちゃん; 10-30-2019 at 11:52 AM. Reason: I retouch the Image hehe.
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    Default WOTD attempt

    ** I made some modifications

    World Name: Watem
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Story: Yesterday, while you were sleeping, a strange old man knocked at the door. He told you a secret and want you to not tell to anyone: While he was fleeing, during the World War ll, he hid his treasure under your house. The treasure is now burried for more than 70 years and only you can find it.

    World includes:
    -Punch jammer
    -Zombie jammer
    -Credits board
    -Adventure items
    -Funny mechanics
    Name:  E3909335-18D0-4F4A-8415-E5B4AF1A8323.png
Views: 160
Size:  935.2 KB

    World name: Puzzlevel
    GrowID: Thomas207

    You like riddles, puzzles and you like to think? Puzzlevel is made for you! In this world, there are 5 levels. Each level has a specific mechanics. You have to finish the 5 levels to win. Come and have fun in this wonderful world, and above all, don't forget to bring your brain!

    This world may look easy and simple at the first sight, but it’s really not. Come look by

    Difficulty: Hard

    ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
    ~Ghost Charm
    ~Weather machine-Stuff
    ~5 hard levels
    Name:  1B593285-C827-4D75-AF73-CE062C4EC5DF.png
Views: 163
Size:  837.0 KB

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    Grow ID: Dvours
    Render: Name: (1).png
Views: 95
Size:  682.3 KB

    <side note: some items in the render looks completely different from the item in-game, could be a coding error since i used new items>

    Description of World:

    This is a world about Japanese Folklore, featuring Yokai aka. Monsters, Demons, Ghouls & Mythical Creatures. There are a lot of information based on Yokai, various types of creatures, and also a mini parkour here & there. Lots of facts i'm sure everyone would enjoy reading about. Facts on Yokai are:
    -History & Appearance of the creatures


    -P & Z Jammer/ Anti-Gravity Machine/ Spooky Weather/ Fire House
    -Original Song (Spooky Song) by. PHAETHON
    -Original Idea & Design by. Dvours
    -Credits Board
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default Casefiles - The Detective Murder Mystery

    ID: 2ego
    World: Casefiles


    Inspirations and references:



    Plus Points In the most clever way I introduced people some halloween stuff, in the "evidence" room, I introduced halloween stuff as "evidence." I used a lot of gameplay blocks though, so I think people will learn a lot of things about growtopia in general while playing the world (Such as the Howler).
    Plus Points That is the strongest point of this world; the never-used blocks, backgrounds, mechanics, designs, gameplays, etc, being used here.

    Name:  casefiles.png
Views: 175
Size:  1.01 MB

    Please read everything Neko... I hadn't worked on a world this hard in a long time. Also, this was the world I was saving specifically for halloween, I had finished building it a few days ago yet didn't submit! So, I hope it will win WOTD this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devours View Post
    Grow ID: Dvours
    Render: Name:
Views: 245
Size:  881.9 KB

    <side note: some items in the render looks completely different from the item in-game, could be a coding error since i used new items>

    Description of World:

    This is a world about Japanese Folklore, featuring Yokai aka. Monsters, Demons, Ghouls & Mythical Creatures. There are a lot of information based on Yokai, various types of creatures, and also a mini parkour here & there. Lots of facts i'm sure everyone would enjoy reading about. Facts on Yokai are:
    -History & Appearance of the creatures


    -P & Z Jammer/ Anti-Gravity Machine/ Spooky Weather/ Fire House
    -Original Song (Spooky Song) by. PHAETHON
    -Original Idea & Design by. Dvours
    -Credits Board
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    Default DarkSoulHunter

    This is my WOTD entry.
    This is actually my first attempt to any building/wotd contest and I'm proud of the outcome
    The story, the characters, the names "Dark Soul Hunter" and "Purple Void Seekers" are all just created
    by my imagination and non-existing.
    The pixel arts and overall design of the world are also my original which I based from the story first.

    The world has the necessary jammers (PZ) as well as pineapple guardian.
    It has music (big thanks to SilicaChan for making me a music exclusive for this world)
    It uses nothingness weather machine and Halloween items.
    It also contains a floating vip area leading to some halloween info.

    Every year, on the eve of Halloween, a supernatural being called Dark Soul Hunter haunts the evil men.
    He only appears once a year to give people a chance to change and become better.
    Midnight is coming near and the Dark Soul Hunter together with his Purple Void Seekers are out there
    to scan the level of evil inside every man and suck their souls from their body to be punished if you are not worthy to live.
    Everybody runs and try to escape because nobody wants to be scanned and find out the truth about themselves.
    But is there really a reason to run at all?
    Or is there just no way out?

    WORLD: DarkSoulHunter
    IGN: Flyxx
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    Default Nominating THECURSEDFLAME for WOTD 🏆

    THECURSEDFLAME by Kaito and Krankie

    Here is the latest world render!
    Name:  thecursedflame.png
Views: 167
Size:  1.62 MB

    In the city of Haluluna, a fire emerged within the forest causing enormous fire spreads among the city: this fire plead no harm to burn anything but to curse massively on its surroundings. A chosen one, prior to a prophecy from the Crapedium Book of Haluluna, a book which holds the destiny of the city written by a Greek God named "Titaly", ruler of fate and wisdom. The chosen one was to find solution to stop the curse of the flame, and try to revoke it with the help of the Eyeledge, what holds beyond hids beneath.

    World Contains:
    *Various Scenarios
    *Horrific Storyline
    *Pixel Arts
    *Wolfworld inspired
    *Usage of numerous unknown blocks
    *Usage of old and new Halloween Blocks
    *Story Quiz
    *Mind boggling block mixing
    *Usage of various adventure items
    *Full set of jammers: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
    *Publicity of Bridge Creation
    *Moral Lessons
    *Medium Difficulty Level
    *Creditory Board
    *Ensurance of better gameplay

    The blocks used may look messy on the render as what I intended to do, it is done just because the gameplay showcases different lookouts. Hoping for another win, this is for you guys: my burnin' babies (followers). I can't explain how thankful I am to you guys for criticizing my world honestly. @growtopia
    Hey there folks, come and join us in our very special Secret Santa 2019 ⛄

    By clicking this link❄

    IGN: Kaito
    World: KAITO
    Instagram: @kaitonatics

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    Ig: Kyan7
    PZ Jammer
    Guardian Pineapple
    Night Weather
    Spooky Song by Kennedjiro (no rules about not composing ourselves?)
    New world
    Used Gravity Wells and Deathtraps
    Has a scary halloweeny story
    Has halloween blocks (not as overused as other worlds)
    A couple of crime facts on Halloween

    In my world, YOU are the murderer (unique)

    The story is about a person (the player) whose love got stabbed, and you are taking revenge and have planned to go through an unknown cave system that leads to the killers family house in which you will attempt to murder the family.

    More about it in the world next to the door
    Name:  midnightmurders.png
Views: 148
Size:  392.2 KB

    I know its not the best but i tried the best
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    — The Doctor
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